Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes I Google Texas for Fun...

I know, it's only adding fuel to the fire, but when I google it, I expect to find:

Instead, I find:

And that, my friends, is why I love Texas. What is not to love about it?!

I have the Swine Flu.

Okay, maybe not really, but my sinuses are killing me. I think my nose has grown twice its size due to inflamed sinuses. I know, too much information. Try being the one with the gigantic nose!

I tried taking NyQuil last night to knock me out, and boy did it ever! I think my lack of taking drugs of any kind in life has caused me to be super sensitive to that stuff, because I woke up feeling more crazy-eyed than ever before! Luckily some Diet Coke balanced the drowsiness, although I did have a UPS man ask, "Are you still alive, baby?" as I was sprawled out on the sidewalk outside of my friend's office waiting for her to come meet me. I just wanted to absorb some rays was all...and I will take being called "baby" from a UPS guy any day. Okay, maybe, not really.

But never fear! Some fresh squeezed OJ and Umcka have been replenished and hopefully I will be better by the time my flight lands in SLC, UT tomorrow at 11 pm. Yes, I am one of those evil ones that will traveling on the plane sick, but its sinuses...and they are not contagious. You just have to listen to me blow my nose. April 2008 mix is divine. It goes well with blogging, Facebook stalking (no one is safe! ha!), and staring at my ceiling while I hope that my illness will go away soon. 

Send me love. Love is all I need.

Hugs and kisses,
Erin Leigh

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Signs of Summer...

Yesterday it was beautiful in Seattle. So what did we do? We played Double Dutch, of course. While jumping, we were spotted by a Seattle P-I photographer, which was featured on their blog today. Here are the two that made the cut:

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Now I Understand...

...Why Utah girls look the way they do...

Bump, set, spike it! That's the way we like it! Booya!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Economy,

You won't get me down. Never, ever did I imagine that I would be on the phone with the unemployment office twice a week discussing my ever-changing job situation. I am relieved to have a job, but between lay-offs, furloughs and temporary part-time placements, it has proven to be a bit more challenging than assumed.

Might I suggest adding "In case you find yourself suddenly amongst the unemployed" class to college students, so that we are all better aware of our rights? Especially with you being as down on your luck as you are, it would be more of a warning to those of us who are ecstatic about our degrees and ready to share our talent, who happen have the door shut on them a few times soon after earning those ever coveted degrees.

Though, I didn't get a class on the real world, nor do I enjoy this on-again, off-again job situation, I WILL NOT let you get me down. I am young. I am aspiring. I am your future. Sure, I may have to go into debt just to apply for law school and to take the entry exam, but I have so many other tricks up my sleeve. I can now use my time for my new blog (details coming soon) and to volunteer, and study so hard for the LSAT that law schools won't even know what to do with me.

So take that economy.

Your rival and soon to be your trash kicker,

Erin Leigh

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Young, Pre-Scientology John Travolta is Handsome!

Some how Linus Loves made me not afraid of Carrie, and want to dance instead. Go figure...

Prom Night by Linus Loves from Cornelius Tatum on Vimeo.