Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast

Last night I went out with a few bloaks from the hostel. I was informed of a law that congress passed in 2003 and wasted my tax money on and that the rest of the world was mocking our nation for: Freedom Fries. In order to honor the fearless leaders of my nation, I intend to throw a freedom party with Freedom sparkling water, Freedom toast and, of course, freedom fries. Mark the date ladies and gents!

Additionally I, an American, am a minority in my nation's capitol. There. I said it. There are more international tourists here than those from our own country. It kind of astonished me at first, but now I am glad. Its been quite refreshing.

Today was spent nerdily attending EVERY Smithsonian Museum available for viewing. And yes, I did spend about 2 hours bewildered over our Bill of Rights and Constitution at the Archives today. I loved every second of it too. I made a new friend from Austria today as we tried to cross a major freeway today while getting lost in reaching the Jefferson Memorial. I had the opportunity to actually expand on some of Jefferson's beliefs with him and help him in understanding his writings.

I saw politics and politicians in their true colors today. What D.C. experience would be complete without seeing an older gent, shorter, overweight and blading, escorting a very young, if not close to underage, Asian girl who was scantily clad? Mine is now complete. Thank you politics for making those Lifetime movies that make wifes doubt their husbands come to life.

Overall it has been an impressive city, but I think most of all, I have enjoyed meeting the people around here. I am starting to get a bit exhausted though, seeing all the sites. Trying to understand people. Getting yelled at by guards. Seriously. One big dream sequence. This trip has been a blast, plus so much more! One day left and still so much to do and see...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The only place where there are 3 Firsts.

Seriously. We walked by 3 streets consecutively today, and all were named "First." Needless to say I got to go to my first Grayhound Station today, my friend is bussing to New York tomorrow and needed a ticket.

In the mean time I have seen the Mecca of all George Washington paintings as well as became the biggest nerd at the National Portrait Gallery. I also got to queue up my flight knowledge at the National Air and Space Museum. Arlington Cemetary was beatiful, but I never want to be burried there. I found out that you cannot even take pictures of the outside of the Pentagon.

Lastly I leave you with these last words of wisdom from our nation's capitol: You think with all this money they take out of my pay checks they could at least have green grass when I visit. Seriously though, all the grass is dead around here. I hate walking on it because I just hear a crunching sound beneath my feet. Needless to say, I would like everyone to write their Senators and ask them nicely to please water the grass out here.

Oh, and maybe turn the water fountains back on. They keep taunting me with all these water fountains around here, and none of them work. I have decided that they have conspired with the vendors out here. They have raised their lease, but in turn have provided them with more customers because they turned all of their drinking fountains off. Thanks George W.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ereedom. Er, Uh...I mean Freedom.

While at the Lincoln Memorial today, I was reading one of his speeches that are engraved in the walls, and there was a typo made: Freedom was accidentally spelt Ereedom. Now, its not like this mistake has been overlooked. There was an apparent filled in part for the bottom leg of the "e." Classic. All I have to say is that I would never want to be the guy that messed that one up, but I would love to meet him.

I made sure to start this trip right, by sleeping through my flight Saturday morning. I woke up at 6 am for my 6:05 am flight. Woops. I ran out of the house in a hurry, barely even dressed, while talking to the Delta guy on the phone, frantically reciting my credit card number so I could make it on the 7 am flight. Needless to say, I did make it. Though, because I took too long trying to put in my contacts and brushing my teeth in the airport bathroom I STILL had to run to my gate to make my flight.

Utah was wonderful. It was nice to see everyone. It also helped me feel at ease with moving on. It just felt that like the timing was right. The airplane ride from Utah to Washington D.C. made me feel like I was in a movie. Anytime I hear the fasten safety belt sign, it reminds me of "Say Anything."

To put everyone's mind at ease, I made it to my hostel just fine. A quick jump on the metro was all I needed. I even found a travel companion for my first two days within minutes upon my arrival. I think I may have scared him with my knowledge and love for US Governement.

I got goosebumps of excitement as we approached the Lincoln Memorial. I knew all the answers to the trivia questions our tour guide had for us at the capitol. I was in heaven in the Supreme Court building and asked for a picture with the John Marshall statue. I also gave him "Governement 101 according to Erin," which also included my lecture on how important the Supreme Court is as well as my childhood dreams of becoming a Spreme Court justice. Alas, at the end of the day all this excitement has only ensued in exhaustion.

tomorrow will be another day filled with landmarks and IMAX films. He has never heard nor seen an IMAX films, and if you know me at all, you know that this is a huge crime. I plan on opening his eyes to a whole new world...of IMAX.

Dear world,

I am in Nerd Heaven. See you in the twilight zone.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Doing the shuffle.

As usual, I have been listen to my music on shuffle. It never ceases to amaze me the times when a song that comes on that fits the moment perfectly. Its like iTunes is in tune with what is going on in my soul or it wants to make me feel better by playing a classic for me. In a way iTunes has become my pet, my "man's best friend." Though I think a dog would be nice, but for the time being, living without the pet hair is nice too.

This week of work has been one of the hardest for me. Not because it has had overwhelming projects, but because I am off all next week to take off on my travels. This has left me antsy to get started on everything. Its like the last week of school, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I did it. I splurged. I got myself a pair of Pastry shoes. Hopefully I can pull them off....cross your fingers folks. Today is typical Seattle weather. Thank you rain. You came just in time to be happy I am taking a break for a bit.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coming Attractions

I have a week off at the end of this month. As of yesterday, I am going to be flying across the country to pay homage to:

I honestly can't wait. The nerdy side of me is already creating a neverending list of all the museums that I plan on squeezing in.

In the mean time I plan on filling up on annual shareholders meetings and japanese food. Yum.

P.S. I definitely just finished watching the hit Korean soap opera, "Full House," and I think that I got a little too into it. The theme songs will not leave my head...

I also highly recommend the film: "King of Kong: Fist Full of Quarters." Probably one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. Enjoy! Love, Erin.