Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 minutes and counting.

just in case you were wondering, it is my partner in crime's birthday today. he has left his teen years behind him to pursue gubernatorial campaigns and become more of an adult than i will ever be.

thank you john, for not following in the footsteps of your older sister. but really. i'm glad that you are significantly taller than me, and that i get to be your sister. and that we are the best of friends. lovelovelove.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a case of the mondays.

the only known cure is square dancing. tonight was no different. i found myself laughing with complete strangers as we clumsily tried to figure out which hands and feet went where, and who was spinning who. and that wasn't even the best part.

the final dance led to everyone dancing momentarily in the streets of ballard. i found it absolutely liberating and i wanted that moment, as i was tightly clasping my hands with my partner and my corner and trying to keep up with everyone as we looped around the main street, to last forever. 

needless to say that i will be attending friday's dance at the folklife festival. i can only hope that this will end with everyone dancing in the fountain...

Monday, May 24, 2010


remember last year when i tried to watch all 4 1/2 seasons in a matter of weeks? not the brightest idea or the most aspiring goal i have ever set for myself...but eventually i caught up (after the minor lost overload/brake down took place. AND eventually all the "hard work" paid off. i have been hooked ever sense.

i have been gathering together with my fellow friends and countrymen as we relished in the last season of the show. last night i got together with some of my favorite people to watch the series finale. i put some "blood" on my left shoulder and attended the bash (held at the dharma meow station) as kate. thanks to hans, here are some pics of the gathering:

why do i have the greatest friends ever????

by the way, i was oddly satisfied by the finale. in fact, it made me happy that it all ended. and questioning...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my mom would be so proud.

remember how i did that photo shoot?

ms. lilien voong took this photo of me with my hair/makeup artist from humanity salons.

he was fantastically patient with the massive amount of hair on my head and with my ineptitude when it came to makeup. he kindly regarded our time together as "beauty school 101" for me...oh sheesh...

Monday, May 17, 2010

record setting. part deux.

today i saw a rodent, which was large enough that i initially thought it was a squirrel wiggling it's way through my work's doorway. i promptly starting jumping up and down and pointing at the large rat that ran across the floor. my manager, scared it out of it's hiding place, and it promptly began running towards me. i was in the midst of helping a customer when this happened. my jaw dropped. high-pitched squealing ensued. i ran for my life across the store, using wooden blocks as hurdles. afterwards we watched the security tape of my running from the rat. my coworker and boss loved it so much that he is having everyone at the corporate offices take a look at it tomorrow morning. here's to first impressions. and more squealing (i seriously need to get that under control)...

record setting.

i have squealed twice in the past 12 hours due to small creepy crawlers.

this is embarrassing.

as many of you know, i take pride in my ability to not get spooked by the little ones that find themselves in our homes. in hawaii, i was nightly cleaning out my bed a number of cockroaches that decided to make rest in my bed sheets. i always had to shake my clothes out before putting them on for fear of them living in a pant leg. i did not squeal once. not even when i had one flying towards my face after a failed attempt to squish it.

in africa, i found myself oogling over the largeness of their insects. instead of running away, i tried to catch them. i even ate one...unfortunately it tasted like fish.

but last night, when i found a spider in the bed i was staying in, i promptly retrieved something to capture it, but when i missed and it jumped towards my face, there was sheer terror and definite squealing. and this morning when i looked down to see a moth on my hand, i definitely had a high-pitched squeal. now the spider i can justify, but A MOTH?!?! really, erin? really?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


today i helped out ms. voong and participated in her "jump for jazz" photo shoot for the vinylist. let's just say my hair was fancy. dolly parton fancy. but i did love adorning red lipstick...and jumping on the trampoline...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


turns out everyday is a saturday. except for today. today it feels like a friday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

oh. hey.

hello. life has been full of grandiose adventures. i have been a bit busy living life rather than documenting it. woops. anyways, here are a few pictures from as of late:

this is the mr. snail that is inhabiting my mailbox currently.

wonderful friends who celebrated my quarter-life crisis at sutra.

this is my delightful dessert that was almost sacrificed for this picture.

i just got back form texas, where i celebrated my cousin's nuptials. turns out wearing my cowgirl boots to the wedding was quite possibly the best decision i could have made all weekend.

grandpa, gran and mert.

perry, sean eric and karl. how my family keeps these troublemakers in line still is beyond me...

brandi and her new husband sharing their first dance.

brother and sister. best friends. and the masters of troublemaking.

dad and jill. cute. cute.

aunt joy and aunt chris. it was during this trip where i realized where my love for dancing came from. my aunt chris and i dominated the dance floor. 

my mom took me to this giant longhorn statue she found not far from her house. this is when i told her to pretend she was hanging on it's horn...instead it looks as though she is being blown away. you see? everything really is bigger in texas.

what is not pictured is my improvised trip to utah. my trip to the BC temple open house. my various visitors whom i show around and discover the town with. and me peddling shoes for a living. and so much more. okay. maybe i will see you again soon?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

all grown up.

no. i haven't completed my quarter-life crisis yet, but i did pick up some studying materials.

every now and then i receive a reminder that despite my inner youthfulness, i am an adult. for instance, today i received my first gallup poll survey. and i am not going to lie, they didn't even need to put a dollar in the envelope for me to be excited! now, i just need to be called for jury duty...