Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the nose knows.

while at the boys and girls club yesterday, i was helping a 6-year-old with a bratz in tokyo jumbo-size jigsaw puzzle...which was surprisingly difficult even for a jigsaw puzzle aficionado like myself...anyways, while i was hunched over the floor helping her with the puzzle, the air hockey puck from the nearby table flew at me like a frisbee and hit me right in between the eyes on the center bridge on my nose. it was like a scene from the movie. but the bruised welt that has formed on my nose is not from a movie...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


sometimes i confuse the sounds of summer with the sounds of construction down the street.

roll out.

30 people ahead of us.12 hours later. 10 visitors later. 3 bottles of smart water, jamba juice oatmeal, a t-shirt and iphone case (all courtesy of apple) later. 3 shots of being on the morning news and 1 radio news interview later....we did it. all the apple employees applauded us and cheered us as we entered into the store. i am now the proud owner of the iphone 4. the phone is faster than i could have imagined. i have already sent out videos, pictures and had some FaceTime. do you have yours yet?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

small. small. city.

alert. alert. seattle is shrinking by the minute. while out and about on wednesday evening, i stopped by for a late night treat from the pink door. while there, i ran into a friend, where she showed off some fantastic dance skills.

then while walking to the sounders game on thursday, i ran into another friend as he and his friends were leaving a local pub. while at the game, i spotted two more friends just seated three rows in front of me.

while out and about this evening i ran into an additional two more friends independent of one another.

seriously. either seattle is shrinking, or i am just a repeat offender at the same locales, thus increasing the probability of running into friends throughout the city. but i like to think that this is a sign that seattle is becoming home.

ps. i think this last week has transpired to be one of the most fun weeks that i have had in a very long while. thank you for making it possible.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

into the woods.

at the last second, i decided to woods' show at the tractor this evening. i happened upon them last summer and have been enjoying them ever since. and i must say, if you ever have a chance to see them, please take it. i was left smitten. they were as good and entrancing as i had imagined. they utilized cassettes and headphones in ways i had never thought of. just sosososososo good. okay. take my word for it.

yes, he is playing the trumpet into an old pair of headphones. 

thank you woods, for providing one of the most enjoyable evenings i have had in quite sometime. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

prime real estate.

for street artists.

on the corner of second and pike next to a pay lot. there is an excellent 2-story, grey wall waiting for your art work. in the mean time, i will longingly stare out of my store front window waiting for you to perform your magic.

pickup? or delivery?

some friends and i have decided to take the p90x challenge. sometimes while i do the workouts, i like to imagine if i met tony horton in real life. would i laugh at his pickup line? or at the delivery of it? i think it would be both. the thought of this situation actually causes audible laughter. seriously.