Saturday, February 27, 2010

final words.

i have my passport ready.
my towels lined up.
a trash bag cut into a robe.

...i think i am ready to take the leap. hopefully there will be another post to follow...

hello, nanaimo. i'm on my way!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


everytime i hear this song i get so excited, but as i start to sing along i hate myself for loving it. this is a perfect example of how pop music is perfectly quantified and meticulously put together to strip the listeners of the choice to enjoy a song, instead it's like MSG or high fructose corn syrup, our brain triggers for us to like least that's what i like to tell myself, because the lyrics of this song make me feel so guilty for loving oh, so much.

...but he does have some killer dance moves...we may have the next usher raymond on our hands...

last day.

today is my last day, but my first day for a new beginning. and as i shared earlier, i have never been more excited to see what the future holds for me. see you soon, doc and marty mcfly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

before & after.

before college: no glasses.
after high school: glasses only.

before adulthood: short hair.
after college: long hair.

sometimes i contemplate shortening my hair again, but then i remember how much i enjoy no longer needing to carry around elastics and using my own hair as a wrap. oh, so convenient.

and the glasses? i'm quite indifferent about them.

burn. baby. burn.

here's my gchat conversation with my roommate this morning:

me: lost just blew my mind
       i love love love love love that show

emily: nice
           i'm glad. it's intense, but really well done for sure

me:  yeah!
        that is the reason why it's sosososo good
        because it is so well done
        but their CGI is terrible
        but that's okay...the story is still awesome

emily: hahaha
           they can't do EVERYTHING

me: true.
       i would rather have the CGI lack than the storyline...
       ...unlike AVATAR!!!!!!
       yeah, i just went there.

emily: oh yeeeaaaahhhh

me: buuuuurrrrnnnnn.

but really. avatar, consider yourself burned.

Monday, February 22, 2010

post script.

also, there is a recent opening for bungee jumping this saturday. $35. not for the faint at heart. must have passport. let me know if you are interested...


karaoke partner extraordinaire.

as most you know, i have developed an affinity for karaoke these last few months. even displaying this love as a "talent" in the church talent show a few previous evenings ago.

come to find out, there is a "battle in seattle" karaoke contest in april for duets. this means i need a partner. think you can keep up? interested in becoming my partner in crime? inquire within.

addendum: position filled. marky mark and e-chaps will dominate. best keep a look out for us.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


yo-yo: today i attended the pacific northwest yo-yo championship competition. simply put: it blew my mind.

cop-out: tonight is our ward's open-mic-night. my contribution? karaoke. seriously, between karaoke and square dancing i've got nothing...unless it's okay to craft on stage...?

Friday, February 19, 2010

thirty-five and counting.

the number of days until t.i. is released from prison!!!

should i make a paper chain to count down the days? i feel like it would only be appropriate.

in other news. i am about to attempt the impossible: rearrange my room. if you had moved me into my house, then you would be aware of how tricky this really is. my furniture fits into my room just like a jigsaw puzzle. if you don't see me for a while, it's because i have accidentally trapped myself in my room. come find me...please...

Friday, February 12, 2010


goodbye america. if you need me, i will be on the sideline at the usa vs. china hockey game cheering us on up in canada this weekend AT THE OLYMPICS. brag. brag. brag. brag.

global warming.

vancouver should helicopter their snow in from texas. i received these pictures from my mom and stepdad this morning...pretty recent empty nesters...i think they may be enjoying life without their children a little too much...

their empty nest covered in snow.

i'm glad they shoveled a trail to the important...

family photo. 

p.s. yes, that snowman is wearing a cowboy hat. would texans have it any other way?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

it's almost slightly poetic.

but really. for the first time ever, it's true, and i think it is totally awesome...dude...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

grand slam dunk.

the only thing i remember from my econ 110 class is that there is no such thing as a free lunch...except for today. i finally took advantage of the denny's (with a bar...wait, what?) next to my employment. the best part is that i had some really wonderful people meet me for lunch. seriously, one of the best work lunches ever.

Monday, February 8, 2010


today i, as should be expected, have been experiencing a serious case of the mondays. my pomegranate seeds had gone bad. my yogurt was not anywhere close to being satisfying. and to top it all off, i had my sweater on inside out until a few moments ago. anyways, i normally never double post with my other blog, but this video is just too good to be true. it is quite simply the most awesomely bad music video in existence, and it has made my day a billion times better. enjoy!  


that's right. it's me. i have been pilfering the trail mix. not only that, but i intentionally pick out that chocolate candies. so there. take that.

ps. there is no other way to take trail mix besides pilfering it. i know of about 18 other people who will attest to that.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


so i ordered an item off the internet a while back, and they sent me the same item twice. mind you, i only paid for one. i promptly notified the vendor of the mishap, but i have yet to hear back from them. so does this mean it's okay for me to give it away as a gift now?

with all my luck, they will e-mail me back the day after i give it away. guh.....


the following thoughts have little or nothing to do with one another:
  • the other night i was so exhausted after an exciting night out, that when i plopped myself onto my bed to take off my shoes, i never moved again...or at least for the rest of the night...that's right folks, i pulled the ol' switcheroo and slept with my clothes on. when was the last time you did this? i have been trying to figure it out for me...but i can't recall recently being THAT exhausted...but for the record, it was a great night sleep. although, i did wake up equally confused the next morning.
  • i've recently come to the realization that most people still have their tonsils. i know, it's a silly thought to have, but you must understand, up until about a few weeks ago, i thought everyone had their tonsils removed. additionally, i thought everyone had them removed when they were 3-years-old, like me. imagine my shock and awe when i was the only one at the dinner table without the buggers.
  • guess what. i'm doing a few music reviews. i just finished my first one. i have a great friend in utah, who's letting me expand my writing portfolio with the trade-off of listening to great music. i don't think there is any downside to this situation. awesome! 
  • okay, now go read it here.