Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the grand finale.

my trip would not have been complete without some karaoke.

don't worry. i definitely belted out "countdown" by beyonce. you know, this one:

and a late night would not be complete without a trip to dick's. 

seriously. why do we not have these in texas?!?!?!


this is my family. and i love and miss them too much. no apologies for the cheese.

the (real) hunger games.

we went on a trek. a northwest trek. we survived the hunger games, though we heard the echos of the faraway cannon signaling the other fallen tributes.

the hunger games.

cathans + erimri + charding = hunger games premier.

march showers bring september flowers (and vows).

while in town i threw a bridal shower for my love, angela. though it was a hefty job, it turned out delightful and was full of delightful people. and hopefully, the bride-to-be was delighted. i just love her.

bride-to-be (not me, duh)


the city i love.

i made my final voyage to seattle. i saw people back-to-back and my heart was constantly overjoyed with the various interactions. every time i visit, it feels like i never left and that i've returned home.

my favorite canadians getting serious with their pie. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

too good to be true.

seriously. how could you not melt when you look at this face?!?!?


i have been overwhelmed with bridal shower planning for ang. thankfully i have really great friends that like to come over and help me. thanks andrea + donny!

...seriously. my heart was overjoyed. i have the best friends. jealous?

ol' blue.

spring is here in texas, which means the bluebonnets have arrived. they are my absolute favorite. they line the streets and highways all throughout the state. this is when texas is its most beautiful.


jenn and i reunited in her city. i found freedom. met with my psychic, stephanie. and ate life-changing italian food. lover her. and that city.

witch-hunting in salem:

this is was the only thing i learned at harvard:

and this is what i saw: