Friday, December 25, 2009


seriously. the logic board on my computer went kaput. so my computer has been sent to houston, tx to be repaired, and hopefully it will meet me in seattle by the time i return. keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

downtown for the holidays.

with the help of some friends, i finally started to get into the christmas spirit yesterday:
  • i received a fantastic (and delicious) surprise package in the mail from an old friend. 
  • whitney and imri surprised me with delightful little somethings. seriously, so perfect on all levels.
  • going ice skating at the seattle center with some really great friends.
  • stood in awe of the "holiday" tree on top of the space needle (thank you seattle, for being so politically correct)
  • egg nog and scones at bob's. 
now! time to go hop on a plane to texas, and spend these coming holidays with my family!!! ahhhh! i can't wait!!!!

stir it up.

as mentioned earlier, i spent this past weekend in ohio for gold's wedding. with bob marley as our soundtrack, here is what occurred:

best friends reunited at last.

typical troublemakers.

three mischievous bridesmaids with the bride and groom at the sangeet.

we were henna'd.

so official.

gold's the master dancer.

we know how to get down with it.

post temple. ang politely reminded me of how white i am. thanks ang, i wouldn't have known otherwise...

all the single ladies with the one who got a ring put on it.

if only you were aware of how many versions of this exact same photo, with all the same faces have been accumulated over the years...

ang thought it would be a good idea to give herself a nose job right before pictures.

reception hall.

sara told this kid that ang tasted like sugar. the result? the kid viciously trying to to bite ang. it was one of the funniest moments all weekend.

mr. & mrs. coleman's first dance.

what wedding reception does not have tahitian dancers?

the men learning to hula. some were a little more successful than others...

thought we would put the center pieces to some good use.

sara caught the bouquet. is she next? will i be traveling next summer to be, yet again, another bridesmaid? i may have to get another closet just for all of my bridesmaid dresses...

Friday, December 18, 2009

liter leader.

if there were a competition at work for the liters of water that were consumed, i think i would win. thanks danny for bringing in the cases of water that were left over from the marathon.

p.s. 100 % oxygen water does not taste like regular water at all...sorry air water, but you can't fool me.


seth cohen created the chrismukkah tradition, but who knew it would transcend beyond prime time television to our nation's leaders?

last week i found this article, and it made me roll my eyes and embarrassed for the fellow. but luckily so did conan, and so he and max weinberg knew exactly what to do: make a christmas song for mormons. and boy, is it great!

hooray for chrismukkah!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


sometimes i wonder (emphasis on the "wonder" part) what would happen if i didn't return from christmas break and stayed in my shorts all year long...

...alas, i am too responsible, but i do miss the days when i could take off and be the free spirit that i am...


the holiday season is all about delicacies and indulgences in our diets...hence why most people place "getting into shape" at the top of their new year's resolution list.

i have an indulgence that i partake of a little too generously during the holiday season, which is listening to delilah. i just love it during the christmas time. i laugh and i cry while listening to her program, while she spins christmas favorites from dolly parton, etc.

while listening to her program last night, i learned two things: 1. she has her very own christmas song. 2. her daughter's name is laneequah, and for some reason both of these facts caught me a little off guard.

one more bonus fact about this local, seattle celebrity is that she has a clothing store called, "hoochie wear." wha???? oh delilah...

ps...for some reason, i realized that i really wish that jennifer lopez was still j.lo and that she was still jenny from the block....that's all. 

dress for success.

today's outfit:
  • pearl earrings
  • hands adorned with henna
  • nice pin-stripe button up under a cashmere sweater
  • jeans with acid spill stains on the back left calf (i wasn't aware when of it until after i was at the office)
  • a pair of 10-year-old chuck taylors
well at least i am two-fifths of the way there...

some mornings, it's a little more difficult than others in dressing oneself...including finding a decent pair of shoes...

Monday, December 14, 2009

the thrill of it.

do you ever have those moments where you realize how ridiculously funny many of the moments in your life are? i just had one, and those moments are my favorite.

anyways, i'm back from ohio and ready for action. some brief highlights from the weekend:

  • forgetting to pack my underwear. it happens, okay?
  • having two dance-off's with gold's uncles and having hundreds of her family members encircling us. 
  • angela giving herself a nose job right before the wedding pictures
  • constantly laughing all weekend with my favorite girls: gold, ang and sara. 
don't worry, there are plenty of pictures coming the meantime, the above picture is ang and i after gold's sangeet on friday night...see you soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

oh. hey. yo.

spinderella's off to ohio for gold's wedding. see you sunday.

Monday, December 7, 2009


it's no secret. i love square dancing. another pretty well-known secret: i really, really enjoy lady gaga.

so, today at lunch, i had an epiphany. what if i could square dance to lady gaga? how magical would that be?

Friday, December 4, 2009


erin: 1; postman: 0

that's right. this week the postman and i got into a squabble. really the postman was not involved at all, and it was me getting into a squabble with him.

you see, i went to the post office on tuesday to buy stamps for my christmas cards. there is a little bonus tlc added to them, so i asked the post office if i would need to add more postage. he replied no, just as long as my cards are not larger than the measurements he had just shown me. so the next morning i confidently and proudly placed my christmas cards in the mail box. i came home that evening to find my postcards still in the box, with a note scribbled by my postman: "erin, these need more postage."

i was appalled and, surprisingly, offended. i'm not sure why i took this so personally, but i felt like my postman was trying to undermine me and the entire federal mailing system...okay, maybe not really...but i am a bit stubborn, and i asked just the day before about this very matter. so, yesterday, i went back to the post office...waited in another half-hour long line (apparently everyone is into mailing packages early this year), and i talked to sonja. she immediately loved my cards, and asked if i had done part of them by hand. i said yes, and proudly showed her the callous on my thumb that was a result from the needlepoint. she loved it, showed her coworker, and agreed that i wouldnt need more postage, but just to be sure she would check with the head postmaster of their branch.

in the back, i heard them talking about how much they loved the cards, and then she returned and said not only was the postage just fine, but she was going to manually put them into the system, just to be sure that they didn't get ruin. and she also said that for all the other ones i make to just bring them to her and she will take care of me.

did you hear that mr. postman? you just got played! huzzah!!!

maybe, now i will make her a christmas card...


reason why i am more like liz lemon than i care to admit #81:

we wear the same clothes. seriously. she was wearing one of my favorite shirts last night.

i guess it beats being like tracy jordan.


tell me, why is that i always find myself driving in circles at the denny triangle?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

zombie famous.

back in october, i participated in the zombie walk.

my friend, matt, filmed our escapade, and the seattle p.i. picked up the video and featured on their blog. you can read about it and watch the movie here. i also posted it below...and yes, that is alena and me tossing my baseball wishing it were brains featured as the video still.

ps. this is my second time to be featured by the seattle p.i. this year! i guess i am the ideal seattle citizen...

falling short.

crafting into the late night has caused great sleep deprivation, which in turn has led me to take naps during my lunch breaks. good thing i'm shorter than i actually perceive myself to be. as i nestled perfectly in the front half of my car, i was able to perfectly outstretch my legs and after only just a few pages into my book, i fell into a deep slumber. thank you winter sun, for being out today and keeping me warm as i slept in the front seat of my car.

now, what i really need to do, is start getting decent my bed...not in my car...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

all queued up.

whenever i go home i watch all of my favorite childhood movies, including this one:

can't wait!


crafting until 2am is not always the wisest decision. especially when you leave the tv on for ambient noise. i can now say that i have seen romy & michelle's high school reunion, which i have never had the desire to see and it's quite possibly one of the oddest movies i have ever seen. i also saw an advertisement for a neckline exercise device, and right before i turned off the television, al bundy cracked a joke about his wife bringing back the swine flu...if only we all would have listened to him. history truly repeats itself.

in other news, christmas cards are half-way to completion, and my thumb is not nearly as sore...