Tuesday, January 31, 2012

and then all was right in the world.

leave it to the muppets to set the record straight:

thanks cat!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

it's a wrap.

finally. i gave in and found a new hair stylist. it was a long stubborn road, mainly because connie always did such a magical job. hours of research later, i settled on a new stylist. i also had to say sayonara to my annual hair wrap.

i cut the wrap out the night before, and due to the length of time that i had it in my hair (a record setting 5 months), i had to cut the whole chunk of hair out (tmi?). so you can only imagine the awkward moment where she found the missing hair from my head, glancing to be sure that it wasn't her, but me. needless to say it was quite the bonding moment. anyways, here's her magic:

ps. i am still loving my prescription sunglasses. seriously, one of the best things to ever happen to me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the buzz.

this last weekend, christine and i attended beekeeping class. thank you 2012. the year where only dreams come true. basically, i became enthralled in all matters of the bee, and i felt like i was walking the moon in my suit (note: this is not to be confused with michael jackson's moonwalk).

the suits.

driving with the suits on. whole new level of cool.

all dressed. and ready to walk on the moon/work with beeeeeeeeeeeezzzzz.

 smoking out the hives so we can inspect them.

 honey. bunny.

with our own honeycomb. 

bee master/stormtrooper.

and no trip to austin would be complete without spending time with the brother.

also spent a delightful evening of catching up with alex and rob, too. seriously. this day exceeded all possible expectations.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


it happened. a while ago. but it happened. and the excitement of that evening lives on. thanks to the chance meeting of new friends and the reunion of old friends, i was able to spend the evening in times square.

unlike the rest of the attendees (who arrived at least 12 hours prior), we arrived at 9:30 pm and had the nypd open up the barricades to make room for us, which got us right next to one of the stages. it was a delight to dance in the confetti-filled streets and kick-lining to "new york, new york."

so, thanks for reliving the evening with me:

the ball waiting to drop.

most of the party crew.

 jendar + me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

confetti filled the streets.

2012 excitement.

ladies and gents. it's going to be a good year. right? right?!?!!

ps. thanks carol for being so kind in sharing your photos from that magical evening!


getting prescription sunglasses were perhaps one of the best decisions i have ever made. how have i gone so many years without them?

ps. it was 80 degrees on sunday. it almost made missing the week-long of snow days in seattle worth it.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


tonight dreams are coming true. werewolf bar mitzvah is making its bowling debut. wbm brought luck to trivia night, so here's to hoping this transfers over to bowling as well.

last night we worked on making our team shirts:

continuing with the werewolf theme, we opted for flannel shirts. we also trial and error'ed (mainly error'ing) with spray-painting fluorescent yellow for our logo. needless to say we have decided that our shirts will slowly progress into pieces of art (hint: we haven't ruled out velcro'ing our sleeves on in order to rip them off to intimidate our opponents...too much?).

here's to wbm. may the next 8 weeks only bring bowling magic!!!

ps. what cool kid doesn't have their dad join their bowling team? seriously, it's a secret weapon i tell you...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

that happened.

last night christine and i attended our first aerial yoga class, and i learned how to do this:

seriously. it was unreal to learn these tricks that i have always looked in awe upon. but don't fret, in typical erin fashion, i looked way less graceful (in fact i heard "keep your chin up, chin up, CHIN! UP!" repeatedly...), and i am pretty sure some times my eyes were huge out of both fear and excitement.

maybe next time i will provide real pictures...or not....

Monday, January 9, 2012

eat fresh.

i love public transportation. so the subway in the big apple was a treat. beyond a treat. and perhaps i easily made myself quite comfortable:

  • i provided a handful of people directions (though, i can neither confirm nor deny that they were ever the correct directions or that they ever found their destinations)
  • i saw three rats, once of which i witnessed lose it's life to the train. but hey, you snooze you lose, right? (note, for whatever reason it reminded me of the character "splinter" from tmnt...this may have been because i was underground)
  • i was delighted to experience in some terrific dancing on my train, but my favorite part was watch all the cold, disdainful expressions warm up and end with beaming smiles as a response to the silliness
  • on new years, our packed train ride home was treated with the less-than-desirable aroma of vomit (someone celebrated a little too much), in which i am pretty sure homeboy was trying to ruffie me into spraying his ladyfriend's perfume up my nose. but that's another story for another day folks. i promise, it's much funnier and less ominous as it sounds. 
  • running into rob and dave on the train late sunday evening after i already said my goodbyes to them hours before. i love it when big cities become small...it takes me back to seattle. 


notables from nyc4nye:

  • a cowboy-opera singer tour guide. we were seated next to one another on our flight to lga. he had a cute dog, so surely he was to be trusted, yes? either way, i am still alive...so i suppose the former is irrelevant.
  • taking a slide from the fourth floor to the second floor of the new museum.
  • eating pizza and more pizza and more pizza with ms. jendar.
  • accumulating more food than ever necessary from trader joes (i obviously was dealing with withdrawals) (also read: eating more chips and salsa than usual...as if that is even possible)
  • extremely loud and incredibly close
  • late night talks with ms. jendar.
  • walking. walking. walking. 
  • temple'ing. 
  • having a movie moment on the streets with who could have very well been the man of my dreams or been then the latest serial killer. either way, i am still here aren't i?
  • walking. walking. walking.
  • having the most delightful reunions with so many people! 
  • realizing that my feet don't touch the ground while riding on the bus.
  • finding more flavin at the moma. i love that flavin so much.
  • times square for midnight.
  • kicklining "new york, new york" whilst having confetti fall around me.
  • eating a vegan drumstick. delish.
  • a complete change of scenery.
  • and again, just spending time with ms. jendar. she is just superb. 
again. pictures/video/etc forthcoming. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012


man. they were not kidding. 2012 is here and it is happening...for better or for worse...

in full disclosure, i had every intent on making this the most simplistic 6 months i have ever had...i should have known better. BUT the good news is that i am having an AMAZING hair day today and since i live with my dad (which is awesome) and he just doesn't have the same appreciation as my previous lady roommates to great hair days, i am know sharing it with the world wide web. i make no apologies.

i decided to incorporate leftover ribbon from wrapping supplies as a hairband. don't be surprised if you see this ribbon on your present. no apologies. 

and because, let's be honest, i cannot take a vain post seriously. FOR REALZZZZZZ.

ps. nyc4nye happened. it was incredible. pictures and video are forthcoming!