Monday, December 26, 2011

a quest of questions.

well. my new year starts jan. 15...and so i have a little longer to finish my last book to reach my goal. AND why not start the new year right...which has left me with the master cleanse or to not master cleanse?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

happy christmas.


.erin.leigh. + chewbacca

Friday, December 23, 2011

ten. and counting.

happy ten year anniversary to me, blogger and blogging! we've come such a long way: from the cryptic days of figuring out html, posting useless quiz results, over-sharing too much teen angst, dominating college and now swimming my way through adulthood. here's too many more years!

ps. what does this mean that my longest and most meaningful relationship has been with a website? not awkward...

bossly advice.

upon presenting me with a gift card to a restaurant with a pretty hefty balance, my boss said:

"now you can find a guy YOU want to go out with and take him there. you get to be in control of who you want to go out with and flirt with now."

thanks mike. now i just need you tell me where to meet these guys.

2012 folks. 2012.

Friday, December 16, 2011

anytime. anywhere.

yup. definitely power fist pumped and wagged my sassy finger through this number in my car while driving this afternoon. 

i cannot guarantee that i kept my eyes open the entire time while i belted out this number. 

no regrets. 

zero apologies. 

it's never too late.

whenever i hear someone say this phrase, this is what i am thinking about (and not listening to the words that follow your statement):

no apologies.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

d. byrne.

knows how to cure my weary soul. other news..just a friendly thought that if SOPA passes today, this page and perhaps my entire blog will be blocked by our money-lined pocket elected officials...seriously...CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS IN DC AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD ON THIS ISSUE. how? click here.

thank you. i will step down off of this soap box now.


upon further reflection and also reminding myself of my problem with chips and salsa, i decided that perhaps it wasn't the smartest idea to suggest tex-mex (read: unlimited chips and salsa) for a first date. in order to prevent an embarrassing overindulgence at dinner, i made sure to eat plenty at lunch.

...but don't worry...i will still eat PLENTY of chips and salsa at dinner...i think i may have a problem...

Monday, December 5, 2011

those a-ha moments.

today at the club, i went from hanging out with a teen while she tweeted her thoughts to kim kardashian, justin beiber and exploring google maps, which led to me showing a roomful of teens google's driverless cars.

little did i know the amazement that filled the room. suddenly i had a group of teens surrounding the computer while we watched the ted talk on the subject matter. it was this grand "a-ha" moment shared amongst a group of the kids where they were able to see the potential of technology. it led to them asking me how this man came up with this idea and how he was able to get his ideas turned into a reality.

it was quite magnificent to see their faces light up at the world of possibilities and also to help them realize that the future of technology lies with them and their ideas. we then looked at a number of other ted topics and their fascination was clear.

don't worry, we ended this high note...on an even higher note...on repeat:

Thursday, December 1, 2011


apparently i learned a lot of life lessons yesterday at the bgc. when referring to my first car as "cute," i was quickly corrected that when i describe a car it is most appropriate to use the terms: "fly," "fresh," or "swaaaaggggg." needless to say when i raised the roof, that didn't go over so well either.

believe it or not, they taught me something about the me, i didn't think this would be possible...

i present to you baby kaely...i guess all the kids are singing it these days...and her tunes are still stuck in my head...


yesterday, at the bgc, a group of teen girls and i talked about dating. here is what i learned:

  • they've mastered the art of hard-to-get, and plan on showin' me their skillz.
  • old-fashioned dates include going for walks to the gas station, because they love it there. 
  • they dream of getting taken out to a restaurant...not just fast food...but a real restaurant.
i have so much to learn.