Friday, December 31, 2010

see you later alligator.

i'm starting 2011 with a bang...or a pack. i'm packing up and heading to vancouver to celebrate the new year and birthday of imri. don't forget to eat your black eyed peas.

after a while crocodile.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


fact. seattle's potholes exponentially out number the city's potheads.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

a muppet story.

there i was. on the 358. riding it into the city for work. reading my muppet comic book. a well-dressed woman took a seat beside me and exclaimed, "is that a muppet comic book?!?!? i LOVE the muppets!!!"

i excitedly told her it was and that i love the muppets as well. we then enetered into geekdom territory and discussed lots of muppet topics, followed by a more thorough discussion on sunday paper comics. she then asked if we could share my book and read the comics together. i obliged. maybe i should have seen this as a red flag, but really it made my day. i loved that someone loved the muppets as much as i do and they wanted to share my book. YES PLEASE...and on the bus no less...

even though i plant to change the history of this story, because the conversation continued and took a distasteful course that left me downtrodden post her departure, i would still share my book again with someone...even her...wakawakawaka.


i took the gre...that was so last week...

i cut about a foot off of my hair. the result? less loss of hair in the shower. showers are now almost cut in half, because i have significantly less hair to clean. win!

Friday, December 10, 2010

that kind of person.

i am that kind of person that blogs when she has t-minus 95 minutes until she takes the gre.

i am that kind of person who drives into puddles to see how big of a splash i can make...but only if people are not there...promise...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

rip. boyboiblue.

my phone died in my arms tonight.

the shock. the horror. the disbelief. the madness. i felt betrayed. heart-broken. it's a new level in my life. i am not sure if it's an all-time high or low.

tomorrow is a new day...with hopefully a new phone to go with it....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

i'm a pro at crasting a nation.

testing in 6 days.

breaks every 15 minutes to mindlessly scour the internet.

thanks college. this was a never a problem until you came along.

Monday, November 29, 2010

i only speak the truth.

i loved that this conversation just took place via internet chatting:

friend: what are you up to?
me: right this second? FLYING!!!!

thank you free wi-fi on my flight back to seattle...the childhood version of myself thinks i am rad right now...

...however, this is completely counterproductive to my studying for the GRE....which is in 11 days...did i mention that already?...


texas, you been too good to me.

seattle, you have some competition.

...11 days until the GRE....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

snip snip.

today i woke up with a huge yearning to cut my hair short...not as short as 2007 but short enough. 

maybe a little longer than this short...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

300. (or) twilight zone.

cue the music.

this morning i had a dream about a person that i have not spoken to in years. i woke up to my phone chiming it's sms notification and BAM! i had just received a text message from that person.

fade in music.

i was exploring the internet. and i found this old twitpic via an old high school friend, and i am still trying to convince myself that i am not in it. this is the first time that i have ever been faced with a twin.

see for yourself:

do you see it????

cut music.

Friday, November 12, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things.

tonight will undoubtedly be probably one of the best nights ever. how could all three of my favorite things be combined into one magical event? minds. will. be. blown.

Monday, November 1, 2010

really, it's true.

really, he was phenomenal live.
really, better than could have ever been imagined.

really, anxiously awaiting your return.

everyone is someone.

lately i have been thinking about the title of this post and what it means. which is why when this happened in front of my work i shed a few tears on my walk towards pioneer square. and why my heart hurt when the police tackled someone across the street and arrested a man, or arrested the man on my bus just sitting a few seats behind me. 

so, i really do mean it when you ask me what i want to be when i grow up and i say, "i want to change the world." 

we are f-a-m-i-l-y.

unorthodox in some respects. but we have our traditions, which we hold to. we have our disagreements (i.e. the ending to the hunger games & andrew bird), but at the end of the day [corn maze] we are still family. here's to our annual pumpkin patch visit:

i can't wait for us to visit every national park together. we are f-a-m-i-l-y.

the good. the bad. the ambivalent.

i've made a lot of those choices throughout my life. here are the ones i consider to be the best decisions made in my adult life in chronological order:
  • going to byu. judge if you must. hate if you must hate...utes...but seriously. it's up there. and i will stand by it. 
  • going to byu-hawaii and then reluctantly returning to provo. hawaii empowered me in a way that i cannot ever repay it. and my love for the island exists beyond the ocean and the beach. it's tied with unexpected forever bound friendships and sacred experiences gained on the big island. 
  • deciding to go on a mission.
  • going to africa on a whim after the program's poster caught my eye in the school hallway. and surprising my parents with the news as well. surprise!
  • moving to seattle. i have a small family here. friendships that will never end. and a place that i was reluctant to call home and is now hesitant to release me.
  • going through the temple. simple as that.
there are more minor ones between these, but those are the decisions that have made me who i am now. right now. this very moment. don't worry. i'm not done with the list. it's still in the works. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010


the one time i have ever ran out to my car in my towel, is the one time that my car door decides to not unlock without some serious struggle. good morning neighbors. i hope you enjoyed the show...though in my defense, i thought it was early enough on a saturday morning that i could get away with it...i suppose the joke's on me.

Friday, October 8, 2010

fuse bead friday.

every friday at the boys and girls club, we have fuse bead friday. originally i started this as a little joke, but the kids loved it, and it became one less activity for me to plan each week.

if you follow my google reader feed (if you don't already, you really should...), then you've seen all the fuse bead creations that have been popping up on some of the "artsy" blogs i have been sharing. well, let me tell you, today my kids created the best fuse beads i have ever seen...MINIONS & SPACE INVADERS!!!!

SO GREAT! I lovelovelove my job! Here's to yet another Fuse Bead Friday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

girl, i got yo numba.

when i first got my phone number, the guy at the at&t store apologized for not getting me an easier number. but instead, i regularly find myself giving a disclaimer to others that, in fact, my number is real. over the years i have received a lot of phone calls from guys who were looking for different utah ladies who have posted my number on their myspace profile or given out at the clubs. let me tell you, being that person that has to tell a boy that they were given a fake number is actually quite disheartening, but now my patience is being tested.

to the homeboy in ogden, who i have already explained to THREE TIMES, that you have been given the wrong phone number, please stop calling me every thursday and friday night, MULTIPLE times. i can only tell you that marlena does not exist so many times. and your voicemails where you command me to call you back or the long ones where you heavily breathe into the phone creep me out.

so ladies, PLEASE STOP GIVING OUT FAKE NUMBERS, because those numbers really do exist.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the wheels on the bus go round-and-round.

i have the pleasure of riding bus route 358. as i already have countless stories to share from the bus, and i know there are still plenty more to come; i thought i would share what other people commonly refer to my bus as:
  • the crazy bus
  • ghetto love chariot 
  • the disease wagon
  • the ghetto sled
oh and the list continues...

Friday, September 3, 2010

come and go.

as everyone excitedly arrives to seattle to attend what will be a fantastic music festival, all i can think about is how i want to drive to the ocean and spend the weekend chasing waves.

roller coaster.

whenever i drive up the hill on 65th street heading back home towards phinney, i always want to wave my hands in the air. when the steep hill momentarily flattens my stomach feels like it's on an amusement park ride. i wish i drove that road everyday.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

disappearing act.

why you won't see me anytime soon:

  • for those of you who thought i was too busy and needed to drop either a job or an activity; you win. i no longer volunteer for the boys and girls club...i now work for them. so i win too.
  • mockingjay has finally arrived. i know that the rest of america has already read their copies, so please keep your insights to yourselves at least for a few more days until i finish. 
  • the rest of my gre studying materials arrived. so if you do see me, i may be tossing in some new vocab words into our conversations.
the good news: i'm starting to make a few steps in the right direction. it's about time.

tears for fears.

remember their fantastic music video with the monkey in the library? so much angst.

anyways, as my years of increased (both by number and experience), the floodgates, also known as my tear ducts, have been let open. i shed a few tears as i witnessed some cute 80-year-old women expressing their freedom of speech against the war in in Iraq. and every single of episode of friday night lights has made me cry so far. ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

falling short.

and i am not just referring to my height. today i had to return my last two library books...unfinished. sometimes life just gets in the way of my desire to cozy up and read...though i don't regret living outside the comforts of my room and my book. time to go get back in queue for those books.

Monday, August 23, 2010


staying stagnant is quite possibly the worst thing that could ever happen to me (you). so in order to keep tricking myself into a life moving forward, i registered for the gre (zoinks) and ordered tons of gre material. also on this night of being proactive, i pre-ordered my copy of mockingjay. sosososo excited...for mockingjay....not the gre. grad school and teen literature here i come.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


lately the only photos that seem to be documenting my life on facebook involve me with food. see:

seriously. like in the past 2 weeks. it has just been me with food. is this really the case? am i really with food ALL THE TIME? houston, i think we (i) have a problem.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

it's what is on the inside that counts.


i take a seat on the bus next to a young gentleman around my age. he then plugs his earphones in their proper places and turns up his music, as i pull out my book to read. he turns up his volume to tune out the commotion around us. i recognize the song as a track off of arcade fire's newly released album. it took all of my might to not lean over and say, "great album, isn't it?" i even found myself too distracted to read my book, because i was coming up with multiple ways to share with him my thoughts on the album: like typing out a note on my notes app, because his music was so loud that there was no way that he was going to be able to hear me. and then i imagined how upset my fellow riders would be if i loudly stated this thought with him. then i arrived at my stop. and off to work i went.


this evening a customer entered my store. i did a double-take glance. i had seen this gentleman somewhere before. then i realized, i had just seen him on the street just hours before, while i wound my way through the streets of the downtown seattle maze. the only difference between seeing him now and just hours before was that he was wearing a different shirt. i remember this because i remember his shirt saying something odd. i almost told him that i had just seen him and that he was wearing a different shirt, but i soon realized that it would be creepy. 

needless to say, i think these are both examples of how i am getting better at thinking before i speak to strangers, which i think we can all agree that i need to improve. 

*also, have it be noted that i was not attracted to either gentleman, so i was not trying to come onto either one. i would have been very forthcoming if that was the case, but i really just have a problem with talking to strangers. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


that's just the temperature difference between seattle and texas. i'm not bitter about it or anything.*

*yes. yes. i am. i want to return to the land of water and air conditioning and leave this fall weather behind.

Monday, August 2, 2010

hot. hot. hot. hot. heat.

i love having a moment of questioning the weather outside, only to find out that the sound i hear is merely my fan blades chopping through the rush of the cool air conditioner air and not rain falling outside. here's to triple digit heat. air conditioning. pools. and tons of sun block.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


sometimes i should refrain from some conversations with customers. for instance:

customer, mid 50's, heavier-set, wearing an old emerald downs t-shirt: "as arnold said, 'i'll be back."

me: "alright. we'll be here. and as arnold said, 'hasta la vista, baby.'"

he then gave me an awkward glance and left. woops.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

under pressure.

remember when i exponentially increased my queue for library books the other evening? i currently have 3 books waiting for me at the library ready to be picked up. if you don't see me for a while, it is because i am trying to fit all of my readings in before my books are due. see ya.

best friends.

you know you are best friends when she says to you:

..."yeah, she is totally rad AND she has a boyfriend. so, there's still hope for you."

thanks ang. i am glad that you haven't given up on me yet. lovelovelove. only 55 days!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

cool as ice.

you hit an all new level of cool when you spend your evening browsing the online local library catalog and expand you book queue. hella cool.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mexican coke.

tonight i had a delightful dinner at serious pie with brooke. she ordered a mexican coke, and i couldn't help but think about how refreshing it looked, especially in this summer heat.

yesterday i was in the sun just for a few hours at golden gardens with these guys and it was so refreshing to be around such great company. and though we had a relaxing afternoon, they exuded quite a bit of energy on stage. see?

needless to say, though doomsday is always our conversation of choice, being around fellow midwesterners and beyond is always quite refreshing. just like mexican coke.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


last year i made it into the Seattle PI twice for very different reasons. as a result, i made it a goal to make it in the paper 3 times. instead, i have decided to refine my goal. make it on the news 3 times in 2010. technically, i have achieved this (apparently camping 12 hours for a phone makes your crazy enough to be on television). i appeared on many early morning news broadcasts (both while i was awake, and sleeping). i was also interviewed for a radio station. i plan on lumping those together, since i'd rather not make life easier for myself...

today i will have achieved number 2. danny scored some VIP tickets to a taping of new day. hopefully the bachelor will have a rose for me at the end...

ps. have you seen hans' new website ( it has been getting attention everywhere (i.e. it's nice that,, etc.)! leave it to hans to one-up me and get interviewed by an australian radio station...way to go...seriously...way. to. go.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the nose knows.

while at the boys and girls club yesterday, i was helping a 6-year-old with a bratz in tokyo jumbo-size jigsaw puzzle...which was surprisingly difficult even for a jigsaw puzzle aficionado like myself...anyways, while i was hunched over the floor helping her with the puzzle, the air hockey puck from the nearby table flew at me like a frisbee and hit me right in between the eyes on the center bridge on my nose. it was like a scene from the movie. but the bruised welt that has formed on my nose is not from a movie...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


sometimes i confuse the sounds of summer with the sounds of construction down the street.

roll out.

30 people ahead of us.12 hours later. 10 visitors later. 3 bottles of smart water, jamba juice oatmeal, a t-shirt and iphone case (all courtesy of apple) later. 3 shots of being on the morning news and 1 radio news interview later....we did it. all the apple employees applauded us and cheered us as we entered into the store. i am now the proud owner of the iphone 4. the phone is faster than i could have imagined. i have already sent out videos, pictures and had some FaceTime. do you have yours yet?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

small. small. city.

alert. alert. seattle is shrinking by the minute. while out and about on wednesday evening, i stopped by for a late night treat from the pink door. while there, i ran into a friend, where she showed off some fantastic dance skills.

then while walking to the sounders game on thursday, i ran into another friend as he and his friends were leaving a local pub. while at the game, i spotted two more friends just seated three rows in front of me.

while out and about this evening i ran into an additional two more friends independent of one another.

seriously. either seattle is shrinking, or i am just a repeat offender at the same locales, thus increasing the probability of running into friends throughout the city. but i like to think that this is a sign that seattle is becoming home.

ps. i think this last week has transpired to be one of the most fun weeks that i have had in a very long while. thank you for making it possible.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

into the woods.

at the last second, i decided to woods' show at the tractor this evening. i happened upon them last summer and have been enjoying them ever since. and i must say, if you ever have a chance to see them, please take it. i was left smitten. they were as good and entrancing as i had imagined. they utilized cassettes and headphones in ways i had never thought of. just sosososososo good. okay. take my word for it.

yes, he is playing the trumpet into an old pair of headphones. 

thank you woods, for providing one of the most enjoyable evenings i have had in quite sometime. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

prime real estate.

for street artists.

on the corner of second and pike next to a pay lot. there is an excellent 2-story, grey wall waiting for your art work. in the mean time, i will longingly stare out of my store front window waiting for you to perform your magic.

pickup? or delivery?

some friends and i have decided to take the p90x challenge. sometimes while i do the workouts, i like to imagine if i met tony horton in real life. would i laugh at his pickup line? or at the delivery of it? i think it would be both. the thought of this situation actually causes audible laughter. seriously.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 minutes and counting.

just in case you were wondering, it is my partner in crime's birthday today. he has left his teen years behind him to pursue gubernatorial campaigns and become more of an adult than i will ever be.

thank you john, for not following in the footsteps of your older sister. but really. i'm glad that you are significantly taller than me, and that i get to be your sister. and that we are the best of friends. lovelovelove.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a case of the mondays.

the only known cure is square dancing. tonight was no different. i found myself laughing with complete strangers as we clumsily tried to figure out which hands and feet went where, and who was spinning who. and that wasn't even the best part.

the final dance led to everyone dancing momentarily in the streets of ballard. i found it absolutely liberating and i wanted that moment, as i was tightly clasping my hands with my partner and my corner and trying to keep up with everyone as we looped around the main street, to last forever. 

needless to say that i will be attending friday's dance at the folklife festival. i can only hope that this will end with everyone dancing in the fountain...

Monday, May 24, 2010


remember last year when i tried to watch all 4 1/2 seasons in a matter of weeks? not the brightest idea or the most aspiring goal i have ever set for myself...but eventually i caught up (after the minor lost overload/brake down took place. AND eventually all the "hard work" paid off. i have been hooked ever sense.

i have been gathering together with my fellow friends and countrymen as we relished in the last season of the show. last night i got together with some of my favorite people to watch the series finale. i put some "blood" on my left shoulder and attended the bash (held at the dharma meow station) as kate. thanks to hans, here are some pics of the gathering:

why do i have the greatest friends ever????

by the way, i was oddly satisfied by the finale. in fact, it made me happy that it all ended. and questioning...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my mom would be so proud.

remember how i did that photo shoot?

ms. lilien voong took this photo of me with my hair/makeup artist from humanity salons.

he was fantastically patient with the massive amount of hair on my head and with my ineptitude when it came to makeup. he kindly regarded our time together as "beauty school 101" for me...oh sheesh...

Monday, May 17, 2010

record setting. part deux.

today i saw a rodent, which was large enough that i initially thought it was a squirrel wiggling it's way through my work's doorway. i promptly starting jumping up and down and pointing at the large rat that ran across the floor. my manager, scared it out of it's hiding place, and it promptly began running towards me. i was in the midst of helping a customer when this happened. my jaw dropped. high-pitched squealing ensued. i ran for my life across the store, using wooden blocks as hurdles. afterwards we watched the security tape of my running from the rat. my coworker and boss loved it so much that he is having everyone at the corporate offices take a look at it tomorrow morning. here's to first impressions. and more squealing (i seriously need to get that under control)...

record setting.

i have squealed twice in the past 12 hours due to small creepy crawlers.

this is embarrassing.

as many of you know, i take pride in my ability to not get spooked by the little ones that find themselves in our homes. in hawaii, i was nightly cleaning out my bed a number of cockroaches that decided to make rest in my bed sheets. i always had to shake my clothes out before putting them on for fear of them living in a pant leg. i did not squeal once. not even when i had one flying towards my face after a failed attempt to squish it.

in africa, i found myself oogling over the largeness of their insects. instead of running away, i tried to catch them. i even ate one...unfortunately it tasted like fish.

but last night, when i found a spider in the bed i was staying in, i promptly retrieved something to capture it, but when i missed and it jumped towards my face, there was sheer terror and definite squealing. and this morning when i looked down to see a moth on my hand, i definitely had a high-pitched squeal. now the spider i can justify, but A MOTH?!?! really, erin? really?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


today i helped out ms. voong and participated in her "jump for jazz" photo shoot for the vinylist. let's just say my hair was fancy. dolly parton fancy. but i did love adorning red lipstick...and jumping on the trampoline...

Saturday, May 15, 2010


turns out everyday is a saturday. except for today. today it feels like a friday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

oh. hey.

hello. life has been full of grandiose adventures. i have been a bit busy living life rather than documenting it. woops. anyways, here are a few pictures from as of late:

this is the mr. snail that is inhabiting my mailbox currently.

wonderful friends who celebrated my quarter-life crisis at sutra.

this is my delightful dessert that was almost sacrificed for this picture.

i just got back form texas, where i celebrated my cousin's nuptials. turns out wearing my cowgirl boots to the wedding was quite possibly the best decision i could have made all weekend.

grandpa, gran and mert.

perry, sean eric and karl. how my family keeps these troublemakers in line still is beyond me...

brandi and her new husband sharing their first dance.

brother and sister. best friends. and the masters of troublemaking.

dad and jill. cute. cute.

aunt joy and aunt chris. it was during this trip where i realized where my love for dancing came from. my aunt chris and i dominated the dance floor. 

my mom took me to this giant longhorn statue she found not far from her house. this is when i told her to pretend she was hanging on it's horn...instead it looks as though she is being blown away. you see? everything really is bigger in texas.

what is not pictured is my improvised trip to utah. my trip to the BC temple open house. my various visitors whom i show around and discover the town with. and me peddling shoes for a living. and so much more. okay. maybe i will see you again soon?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

all grown up.

no. i haven't completed my quarter-life crisis yet, but i did pick up some studying materials.

every now and then i receive a reminder that despite my inner youthfulness, i am an adult. for instance, today i received my first gallup poll survey. and i am not going to lie, they didn't even need to put a dollar in the envelope for me to be excited! now, i just need to be called for jury duty...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


me: 25.
earth day: 40.
earth: 4.5-5 billion.

looks like i have a lot of catching up to do....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

give and take.

first off, congratulations friends for being mature enough so that my facebook newsfeed was not cluttered with your excitement over 420 yesterday. in fact, it completely slipped my mind until some gentlemen gave me celebratory greetings as i took the bus home yesterday evening.

however, today you rub in my face your acl 3-day pass purchases. now, grant it, if i had the ability to purchase a pass, i would be right there with you. instead, i am left with wishful thinking. hoping that maybe i will magically have enough money for a pass AND a plane ticket to texas for that weekend. alas, none of it came true. so though i gave up job stability for happiness, your taunting still lures me. maybe 2011 acl. maybe 2011.

hello. goodbye.

today is my last day of being 24. i think i have excelled quite well these last couple of months. it's a shame that i have to take on the 25 part now...just when i thought i was getting good at 24. oh well. i suppose that is how the cookie crumbles. well it was fun early 20's. i greet my mid-20's and quarter-life crisis with open arms.

any ideas of what to do for my last day of being 24? i feel like it doesn't earn you any right or privilege, but 25...i can rent my own car WITHOUT the extra that is what life is really about.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

alarm clock.

it was set for 7. i woke up at 9:30. fail.

Monday, April 19, 2010

rain or shine.

ever since i can remember it has always rained on my birthday. i have never minded, as i share my birthday with earth day. i always assumed it was my gift to the earth: a day of rejuvenation.

i looked at the forecast for this thursday and it shows nice, sunny weather. maybe this means the next 25 years will be just as bright? let's hope so...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

adult human beings.

i need more of them. this last week has consisted of interacting either with toddler children or adult dogs. needless to say, my ability to converse is starting to wane. forgive me.

ps. i now sell shoes. buy a pair from me. okay?

ring. ring.

guess what. google voice calls canada for free. take that skype. now, i will never have to give into the oprah endorsed product.

mr. darling.

we all know one. i think that is why he is my favorite character.

ps. i really cannot seem to put this book down. mr. barrie, you have restored my imagination. thank you.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

yellow and green.

i take it as a sign that summer is approaching when my windshield is covered with what would have been pesky bugs leaving yellow and green markings. too much detail? sorry.

a lot of the times, i don't even bother in trying to remove the substance by helplessly wasting my washer fluid on those pests. instead, i like to wonder what kind of insects they i don't recall ever really encountering many yellow or green flying insects. any ideas?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

off the record.

straight up off the vinyl. it's off the hook yo.

yesterday i woke up and decided i would drive to vancouver. best decision ever. today i woke up and decided that i would cut a dress in half with a dull pair of kitchen scissors. best decision ever. tonight is the gold and green ball with kenley, bob glass and mizz cheryl black and a '76 ford brougham station wagon. best decision ever.

i have the best roommate ever who did my hair and make up:
as you can tell, i don't really take myself too seriously. best decision ever.

with leftover tulle, i created my hair piece. best decision ever.

and one more for the record:

i forgot that i had it on the four picture setting. woops.

time dance!

Friday, March 12, 2010

the situation.

every time i hear the term "the situation," no matter the context, i always revert to thinking of mike "the situation" from the jersey shore. it makes me giggle every time as well. so, sorry in advance if you don't think i am taking "the situation" very seriously.


for me, march has always been the longest month of the year. march 2010 is no different.

Friday, March 5, 2010

under cover.

sometimes old friends from byu make really great youtube videos:

it's only at times like these that i miss provo...and maybe because of a few other reasons too, i suppose...

Thursday, March 4, 2010


i accidentally took a nap this afternoon. so much for getting a normal night's sleep this evening...

in other news, life is superb. just in case you were wondering. one day i will update you with pictures, the meantime, it's time to go hang out with the kids! wgbca, here i come!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


today i had a gentlemen ask me if i was in high school.

sometimes i wish i weren't so honest...

sometimes i wish that 95% of all high schoolers weren't taller than me...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


today is texas' independence day. best watch out.

just another example of how we are indoctrinated with texas pride at a young age...

have a good day, erin.

i was taken by surprise this morning when the ups man referred to me by my name. but here's the thing: since living in this house, i have received only one other package from him, and today's package was not for me, so my name was not on the box. maybe he is just really good with names?

p.s. i survived. and it was amazing.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

final words.

i have my passport ready.
my towels lined up.
a trash bag cut into a robe.

...i think i am ready to take the leap. hopefully there will be another post to follow...

hello, nanaimo. i'm on my way!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


everytime i hear this song i get so excited, but as i start to sing along i hate myself for loving it. this is a perfect example of how pop music is perfectly quantified and meticulously put together to strip the listeners of the choice to enjoy a song, instead it's like MSG or high fructose corn syrup, our brain triggers for us to like least that's what i like to tell myself, because the lyrics of this song make me feel so guilty for loving oh, so much.

...but he does have some killer dance moves...we may have the next usher raymond on our hands...

last day.

today is my last day, but my first day for a new beginning. and as i shared earlier, i have never been more excited to see what the future holds for me. see you soon, doc and marty mcfly.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

before & after.

before college: no glasses.
after high school: glasses only.

before adulthood: short hair.
after college: long hair.

sometimes i contemplate shortening my hair again, but then i remember how much i enjoy no longer needing to carry around elastics and using my own hair as a wrap. oh, so convenient.

and the glasses? i'm quite indifferent about them.

burn. baby. burn.

here's my gchat conversation with my roommate this morning:

me: lost just blew my mind
       i love love love love love that show

emily: nice
           i'm glad. it's intense, but really well done for sure

me:  yeah!
        that is the reason why it's sosososo good
        because it is so well done
        but their CGI is terrible
        but that's okay...the story is still awesome

emily: hahaha
           they can't do EVERYTHING

me: true.
       i would rather have the CGI lack than the storyline...
       ...unlike AVATAR!!!!!!
       yeah, i just went there.

emily: oh yeeeaaaahhhh

me: buuuuurrrrnnnnn.

but really. avatar, consider yourself burned.

Monday, February 22, 2010

post script.

also, there is a recent opening for bungee jumping this saturday. $35. not for the faint at heart. must have passport. let me know if you are interested...


karaoke partner extraordinaire.

as most you know, i have developed an affinity for karaoke these last few months. even displaying this love as a "talent" in the church talent show a few previous evenings ago.

come to find out, there is a "battle in seattle" karaoke contest in april for duets. this means i need a partner. think you can keep up? interested in becoming my partner in crime? inquire within.

addendum: position filled. marky mark and e-chaps will dominate. best keep a look out for us.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


yo-yo: today i attended the pacific northwest yo-yo championship competition. simply put: it blew my mind.

cop-out: tonight is our ward's open-mic-night. my contribution? karaoke. seriously, between karaoke and square dancing i've got nothing...unless it's okay to craft on stage...?

Friday, February 19, 2010

thirty-five and counting.

the number of days until t.i. is released from prison!!!

should i make a paper chain to count down the days? i feel like it would only be appropriate.

in other news. i am about to attempt the impossible: rearrange my room. if you had moved me into my house, then you would be aware of how tricky this really is. my furniture fits into my room just like a jigsaw puzzle. if you don't see me for a while, it's because i have accidentally trapped myself in my room. come find me...please...

Friday, February 12, 2010


goodbye america. if you need me, i will be on the sideline at the usa vs. china hockey game cheering us on up in canada this weekend AT THE OLYMPICS. brag. brag. brag. brag.

global warming.

vancouver should helicopter their snow in from texas. i received these pictures from my mom and stepdad this morning...pretty recent empty nesters...i think they may be enjoying life without their children a little too much...

their empty nest covered in snow.

i'm glad they shoveled a trail to the important...

family photo. 

p.s. yes, that snowman is wearing a cowboy hat. would texans have it any other way?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

it's almost slightly poetic.

but really. for the first time ever, it's true, and i think it is totally awesome...dude...