Friday, September 30, 2011

too excited (maybe).

you can only imagine my excitement when i walked outside only to realize that the city doubled the size of our recycle bin. seriously. i did a little dance and squealed with excitement.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


my favorite talking heads song? dream operator.

in other news, i am back to being vegetarian for a while...not surprised? me either. however, i did dream about eating a bacon avocado sandwich last night, and not because i love bacon.

i still feel guilty about that dream and the idea of eating meat still makes my stomach churn...

watering holes.

what does it reveal about me that i have frequented more than half of the PI's top 20 bars in seattle? oh, did i mention that i don't drink?

p.s. it's official. i've been invited.

Monday, September 26, 2011


lesson learned. buying apples in texas, hoping that they are just as delicious as their fresh, ripe counterparts in the majestic state of washington will always be a disappointment. first hint...the stores here don't even sell your favorite kind of apple...honeycrisp apples, anyone??!!?! texas?!?!?!

lesson learned. living in seattle, spoiled me with fresh produce.

and now i begin anxiously awaiting my surprise box of honeycrisp apples that one of my avid seattle readers will send me....(not so subtle) hint, hint...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

sunday. sunday.

wearing red lipstick and riding around in a masarati. not a bad day. not a bad day.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

lady in red.

fall is here. and so are fall colors.

i've decided that i want to incorporate more colors into my palette. the result? red lipstick. we shall see how that goes...

as a result, mina from the chanel makeup counter and i are now bff's. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


liam and i went for mexican food the other night for dinner. i, of course, explained what most of the dishes were, but when it came time to eat i just asked for a box to go. why? because i ate too much CHIPSANDSALSA. seriously. when will i ever learn???

never. never.

lack thereof.

dear world,

watch out. i have been getting much less sleep than usual this week and i can't seem to catch up.

you may be asking yourself, "how is this my problem?" well, i am still driving and my skills have dissolved to the level of a teenager who just received their permit, or the level of a 98-year-old man who stubbornly refuses to retire their keys.

countless curbs, my parking garage entrance gate, the pedestrian cop and even a pillar have all fallen victim to this.

you may be next. so please accept my apology on advance.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

chi-town. (127).

sunday school. (127).

imri and i were avid sunday school attendees. see:

hanford. (127).

last summer i went on a fantastic staycation with laird, john taylor and jonathan. we ventured and geeked out over the hanford site out in the desolate eastern washington. i forgot that i had brought my recently acquired brownie starflex camera with expired 127 film.

somewhere between chelan and hanford. we drove by this trailer on the way there, and i made us stop on the way back to chelan so that i could take this picture. i am glad i did. 

hanford or bust, boys!!!

beautiful lake chelan.


last night i had my first spanish class at the local community college. let me rephrase that. last night "community," season 1 began taking over my mondays and wednesdays. there is even a "bruce" in my class, who gets tongue-tied as he tries his hand at this new language and mistakenly begins to call himself, "benardo."

needless to say, it's going to be a FUN six weeks.

class of wonder.

things that only stevie wonder could get away with:
  • walking out playing the keytar without it being ironic.
  • talking to a crowd of texans about how there should be stricter gun control and not only walked away unscathed but even got cheers following such a bold statement.
stevie. teach me the ways. 

ps. the festival was just what the doctor ordered...and by doctor, i mean dr. stevie wonder. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

international relations.

tonight i picked up canada from the airport. i am glad liam decided to greet me as a cowboy, otherwise he would have really stood out at the airport:

off to austin city limits we gooooooooooooo!!!!

ps. he surprised me with bicycle diaries by david byrne, which he purchased from a homeless man named neal AND the world's best indian food that i have been craving. seriously. so great.

Monday, September 12, 2011


it's times like these when otis redding is the balm to my soul.

monday. monday.

you know it's been a good monday when your boss performs an interpretive ballet dance, and then follows it by giving you a raise.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


i was just going through the delightful notes that my seattle loves wrote me at my "going away" party and i was reminded of/learned a few things:

  • i will be forever remembered by karaoke. and i don't think that is a bad thing.
  • i still LOVE that john taylor whisked me up a flight of stairs, carrying me in his ever-so manly arms. seriously john, my life is complete and no other man will be able woo me now. you have officially ruined it for all men. everywhere. 
  • i LOVED my time at hanford with john, laird and biderman. and i miss geeking out over stuff with those wonderful people. 
  • i can't remember who i ate non-dairy, coconut milk ice cream with after our painting project got canceled with dickson. seriously. i'm sorry. 
  • i don't remember skinny dipping with troy. sorry man. however, his costume still reigns as one of the best suggestions for my quarter-life crisis.
  • apparently, when i walk up to the church podium, i do an awkward trot. awesome. 
  • ken, YOU DIDN'T ENJOY LOST?!?!?!?! mind. blown. 
ps. i'm missing seattle. and ready for my adventure. can you tell?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ring. ring.

if i had a dime for every time i had to use this web site to locate my phone, i would be very rich.

...good thing this site does not charge...

Monday, September 5, 2011

cultural relevancy.

in provo, i played a card game called "scum."

in nyc, the game, scum, is called "a**hole."

in germany, the game, a**hole, is actually "uno" with face cards.

and i DOMINATE at uno.

ps. i also dominated at scum/a**hole/arschloch.


i just took over chi-town with this song as my soundtrack:

pictures forthcoming.