Monday, November 30, 2009

nimble thimble.

i really need a thimble. preferably like this one:

but i only need one. because let's be honest, who wants to look like this guy:

but in all honesty...i'm pretty sure before the christmas season is over, i will have a nice little callous on my ladylike...

Friday, November 27, 2009

(oh) dear, americans:

why do you have such a strong desire for materialistic consumerism on the day after thanksgiving? driving through northern washington late last night, you already packed the outlet mall parking lot beyond capacity and formed a line down the side of walmart by midnight. don't you want a decent night's sleep in your warm bed? that was all i could think about during my drive home.

ps...maybe you should go see fantastic mr. fox instead. its amazing and probably the best movie i have seen this year.

ok. now go home and enjoy time with your family. and maybe get some sleep too, because i think you must be exhausted by now...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009


it's just one of those days where i would like to be curled up in my bed, sipping on hot chocolate, listening to dead man's bones and reading edward gorey books until my heart is content.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

calling it.

periodic tables are the next kitty cats. just saying...

cough. cough. ack. ack.

my body is wanting to get sick. yikes! i don't have time for it, that's for sure.

what's my solution:

  • constantly ingesting umcka.
  • bringing my schlitterbahn souvenir cup full of orange juice (equivalent to 1 liter) to work.
  • soup. soup. soup.
  • superfood.
  • echinacea.
  • sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp. which is what my body really wants to do. right now. right this very....zzzzzzzz....

faux pas?

aren't they just in the eye of the beholder? let's hope so.

in college i fell in love the basic editions boat shoes found at k-mart. i wore them year round for my last two years of college, including the winter. the problem is that they are not very good insulators, so i wore socks. not just any socks, i might add. i was wearing green, white and red striped socks that i bought in bulk for only 7 cents a pair.

now, you would think this is a fashion statement i would grow out of, and grant it, i do only wear the boat shoes during the summer time now, but today, i found myself sitting my zurk tennis shoes, with those so same socks being shown to all the world.

fashion faux pas? possibly to the rest of the world. but for me, this is fashion at its finest. now, i am just waiting for everyone else to jump on this band wagon.

Monday, November 16, 2009


seattle. why are you cloudy tonight? i know it's winter and you love to rain, but i would have really really loved to have seen the meteor shower tonight. thanks a lot.

ps...i love that you are a city that loves square dancing as much as i do. you have only slightly redeemed yourself this evening.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


as of late, it seems as though there have been a lot of reunion tours. i would love it if the anniversary would do a reunion tour. 

for the record, they were my first concert. thank you to the year 2000, for making that dream come true.

Friday, November 13, 2009

to DI for.

i bought these shoes for $2.50 at DI last spring. they are up there with some of my favorite shoes. they maintain the trendy victorian style, but have the comfort of 80's cushioning the soles of my feet. i'm pretty sure, like most other things i own, these will never go out of style in my eyes.

a few other notes:

i am going with mr. patrick tonight to see the pixies. !!! my fourteen-year-old self things i am so cool right now.

sometimes i think of worse case scenarios, and the idea of them actually occurring makes me laugh. i wonder if i would laugh in real life too?

i completed my first of three jigsaw puzzles also purchased at aforementioned di. and guess what...not a single piece was missing...take that haters.

and most importantly, my roommate returns tomorrow!!! woo!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

pugs not drugs.

best. bumper sticker. ever.

let me know when you find my spare moment?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i look forward to my wednesday morning e-mail every week. really, i just love getting my travelzoo e-mail every week.

at the same time, it also taunts me. it causes me to wish i had the money and the job, that would allow me to take off to hong-kong for only $649 r/t at the drop of a hat. or that i could finally head down to LA and take advantage of virgin's cheap flights.

if you know of a job that will let me do this, and that will pay me lots and lots of money, let me know.

Monday, November 9, 2009

new blog.

hi. i'm starting a new blog. but keeping this one. the other blog is just where i will post things that i like and how they fit into the primary 5 senses. enjoy.

sweet or spicy?

am i the only one who thinks imitation cherry flavoring is more spicy than it is actually sweet?

i regret getting a cherry flavored anything every single time. so tricky.


20 years ago today, this happened:

and i remember watching it on the news with my parents. i remember the magic.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

it's almost time...

for lost to start again! i don't why, but i just got really excited for it. now i want to watch the entire series just to prep for all the mind-blowing plot twists that will be coming my way in february.

ps. did anyone catch the lost reference on 30 rock last week? maybe lost is just one of hurley's dreams...

pps. i got my google wave invite tonight! now i just need to figure it out...but i did squeal with excitement when i saw it in my inbox.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

she bangs. she bangs.

remember ricky martin? i do.

today i am pleasantly pleased as a plum with my bangs. seriously, i feel like i have been trying to get them to do this for months...maybe i will sleep with wet hair more often?

too short.

and no, i am not referring to my height. i am referring to fall. it just seems like yesterday that all the leaves were turning red, and now they are all on the ground and bare branches are exposed all over town. there is just something so dreary about this sight...although i guess this puts us just one season closer to spring time again...

on another note, i was so exhausted when getting ready this morning that i almost put my toothpaste on as my deodorant. the only thing that deterred me from this debacle was when i went to swipe it under my arm, i noticed that it still had its lid on. and that is when i realized that i almost had mint fresh underarms. oops.

Monday, November 2, 2009


here's a story i just shared with a friend:

on halloween, i had just left the local grocery store with a sandwich in hand. i paused to buy a newapaper from a local vendor, and i then chose my route home. this day, i chose to walk through the neighborhood streets, as it was halloween, and the mainroads were bombarded with children and their pumpkin shaped buckets full of halloween candy. as i made my way through the neighborhood, eating my sandwich while reading the front page of the paper, an elderly gentlemen and his wife stopped me. his wife, held a huge grin on her face, as her arm was tightly clasped her husband. he held a clear ziplock bag filled with fun-size snickers bars. he reached into his bag, and pulled out a candy bar and handed it to me, as he did so, he remarked, "what a cute costume!" i laughed a little and gave an ecstatic "thank you!" for his kindness, and went along my way.

but here's the thing, i wasn't in costume. i was in my normal clothing. in fact, it was one of those days where you put on the perfect outfit. you know what i mean?

afterwards, my mind was quickly flooded with the warnings i received as a kid: "don't take candy from strangers," etc. and everything about that situation went against what my mom taught me as a child...i ate the candy bar for dessert last night...sorry mom...