Monday, April 23, 2012

happy b(earth) day.

every year, i am pleased as a peach to share my day with the earth.

i had the best little birthday weekend that a girl/27yo could have. 

it included bingo with those i like the most (yes, that includes friends and old people...all old people), and an all lower-cased letter cake accompanied with pinkberry deliciousness.

this entire weekend left me grinning ear-to-ear. in fact. i am still just the happiest girl in the world. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

happy texa-versary.

can you believe it's been one year since i have left here:

and drove across the great u.s.of.a. and saw this:

and this:

and have been living here:

me either. me either.

pity the fool.

fyi. april fools day was a few weeks ago. don't think i let the day slip by without a prank.

i made some tasty looking treats for some friends:

however, when they took a bite out of them, this is what they found:

i hard-boiled some eggs, and even left the shell on. then dipped them in chocolate. best. prank. ever. 


hi. i have been a leeeeeeeeeetle mia this month. i have been working on my new peace corps website. it's slowly going to be something great, so why don't you go ahead and bookmark it....

in the meanwhile, enjoy this little gem that keeps on giving...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


today i was unprepared to lose the feeling of my mouth, tongue and nose until 1:30 pm, which came as a result of the three novocain shots i received at the dentist this morning. 

today i was unprepared to sit in a stairwell in my office building for 90 minutes, while about a dozen tornadoes haunted the dfw-area, with two touching within blocks of my office.

today i was especially unprepared as i was strolling through the mall on my way to pick up my daily dose of froyo, when as i passed a gent, he said to me, "hey beautiful." in fact, i was so unprepared for that i was afraid to turn my head to acknowledge him, as the last thing i anticipated was for him to be so normal looking. surprise. i was also unprepared for that.

today/right now/tomorrow i am, apparently, unprepared to sleep. although, i wish i was.