Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pepsi & Red Lipstick

So, I was feeling a little more energetic on my drive home from work today, than usual. I had the music turned up loud as a sang along to songs, and may have danced as well....let's just say if it wasn't raining then my windows would have been down for the drive.

Then, Robert Palmer came on the radio, and automatically all I could think about were my lips. Could I look that good in red lipstick? I may have tried to be as sexy as the women playing the instruments...embarrassing I know. As soon as I realized that the car next me was looking at me funny, I abruptly stopped, and then remembered...PEPSI! My goodness, why do they not have spots like this anymore?

I would most definitely would be drinking Pepsi if they did. In fact, watching this commercial makes me want one right now...

P.S. Did anyone else have a deep love for Crystal Clear Pepsi? I still may have a tender spot for it...

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