Saturday, March 20, 2010

off the record.

straight up off the vinyl. it's off the hook yo.

yesterday i woke up and decided i would drive to vancouver. best decision ever. today i woke up and decided that i would cut a dress in half with a dull pair of kitchen scissors. best decision ever. tonight is the gold and green ball with kenley, bob glass and mizz cheryl black and a '76 ford brougham station wagon. best decision ever.

i have the best roommate ever who did my hair and make up:
as you can tell, i don't really take myself too seriously. best decision ever.

with leftover tulle, i created my hair piece. best decision ever.

and one more for the record:

i forgot that i had it on the four picture setting. woops.

time dance!


Turok said...

ohh Erin, I love your are such an awesome chick. always make me smile and laugh...hope you are doing well!!

Jendar said...

you are so pretty!