Sunday, June 13, 2010

small. small. city.

alert. alert. seattle is shrinking by the minute. while out and about on wednesday evening, i stopped by for a late night treat from the pink door. while there, i ran into a friend, where she showed off some fantastic dance skills.

then while walking to the sounders game on thursday, i ran into another friend as he and his friends were leaving a local pub. while at the game, i spotted two more friends just seated three rows in front of me.

while out and about this evening i ran into an additional two more friends independent of one another.

seriously. either seattle is shrinking, or i am just a repeat offender at the same locales, thus increasing the probability of running into friends throughout the city. but i like to think that this is a sign that seattle is becoming home.

ps. i think this last week has transpired to be one of the most fun weeks that i have had in a very long while. thank you for making it possible.

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