Thursday, October 7, 2010

girl, i got yo numba.

when i first got my phone number, the guy at the at&t store apologized for not getting me an easier number. but instead, i regularly find myself giving a disclaimer to others that, in fact, my number is real. over the years i have received a lot of phone calls from guys who were looking for different utah ladies who have posted my number on their myspace profile or given out at the clubs. let me tell you, being that person that has to tell a boy that they were given a fake number is actually quite disheartening, but now my patience is being tested.

to the homeboy in ogden, who i have already explained to THREE TIMES, that you have been given the wrong phone number, please stop calling me every thursday and friday night, MULTIPLE times. i can only tell you that marlena does not exist so many times. and your voicemails where you command me to call you back or the long ones where you heavily breathe into the phone creep me out.

so ladies, PLEASE STOP GIVING OUT FAKE NUMBERS, because those numbers really do exist.

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