Monday, November 1, 2010

the good. the bad. the ambivalent.

i've made a lot of those choices throughout my life. here are the ones i consider to be the best decisions made in my adult life in chronological order:
  • going to byu. judge if you must. hate if you must hate...utes...but seriously. it's up there. and i will stand by it. 
  • going to byu-hawaii and then reluctantly returning to provo. hawaii empowered me in a way that i cannot ever repay it. and my love for the island exists beyond the ocean and the beach. it's tied with unexpected forever bound friendships and sacred experiences gained on the big island. 
  • deciding to go on a mission.
  • going to africa on a whim after the program's poster caught my eye in the school hallway. and surprising my parents with the news as well. surprise!
  • moving to seattle. i have a small family here. friendships that will never end. and a place that i was reluctant to call home and is now hesitant to release me.
  • going through the temple. simple as that.
there are more minor ones between these, but those are the decisions that have made me who i am now. right now. this very moment. don't worry. i'm not done with the list. it's still in the works. 


Los Schoenys said...

Cheesy as this sounds, all I can say about this post is that I miss you and love you even more!

Rachel. said...

this is a good, growing list.