Tuesday, January 4, 2011


i love free shirts. i love shirts that have memories...which is probably why i have so many t-shirts. it's a staple clothing that i wear, quite possibly everyday.

throughout the years there has been love and loss with these shirts. these are the ones i miss the most that have been lost:

  • my bombardment society t-shirt
  • my styx/reo-speedwagon shirt from their 2005 concert i attended
  • my vintage 80's gte shirt that i wore at least once a week in high school
it's short and sweet, but i normally finding myself wishing that i could wear at least one or all at least once during the week. 

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Wren/Karen said...

I have a nickelodeon cartoon T-shirt that I found in a thrift store in the Cook Islands of all places. At the time I was homesick and missing my little brothers. It reminded me of all the times we watched Rocko's Modern Life and Ren and Stimpy. Now it is in disgraceful condition and would be indecent to wear in public but I cannot part with it and still sleep in it at least once a week.