Saturday, April 23, 2011

b(earth) day.

yesterday i turned 26. the earth turned 4.567 billion (give or take a few years).

to celebrate my wonderful friend, lisse, and i explored a part of texas that we had never seen before: glen rose, tx.

we started off the day stopping at a church garage sale on the side of the highway. unfortunately the pews were the best and only find.

we then set off to the christian evidence museum. it was more than we could have ever imagined.

this was taken right before an old man with a cane warned me that i might get ran over by "old bones mcgee." referring to himself, of course.

the soundtrack that was almost too good to give up.

this was the only reference to their theories and was hidden behind other framed items. the museum houses the only known human footprint that's been evidenced to have coincided during the same time as the dinosaurs.

dinosaurs. everywhere.

we had finally arrived to dinosaur valley state park. the kid in me (you know, the one that attended museum school summer camp...fact) was filled with excitement.

first footprint sighting!

the claw.

texas can be beautiful. and warm.

friends. this was taken after we found wild onion growing and decided it would be a great idea to eat raw onion. i still think it was a great idea.

yummy birthday shakes with candles and all. so perfect.

thank you lisse and ryan (and lucy and violet) for reminding me that birthdays are worth celebrating.

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Liz OT said...

Happy birthday! I must say that it looks like a rocking good time and I am jealous of all of these adventures, onion included. :]