Thursday, May 5, 2011

hey. mr. postman.

if you know me, then you know that i am a completely rational fact it takes a lot to work me i feel completely validated in issuing this plea.

as you know, i have been in the midst of my peace corps application process. the other week was a landmark, as i finally completed the medical portion of the application, which was no easy feat. i dutifully made copies of all of my documents, and sent them via usps priority mail with all the bells and whistles attached to be sure that it would a) get delivered and b) get delivered in a timely manner.

however, the one time i really, really, really needed them to pull through for me, i have been let down. my medical papers with highly confidential information is floating out there in usps land, and internally i am panicing.  i know, i know, i have copies just in case, but i will still have to go and get more dental x-rays done if this package is not found, and x-rays are $$$.

so if you are religious, or believe in an a higher being, or if you believe in the power of transferring positive thoughts...then please, please pray for me that my medical paperwork arrives...or please keep it in your thoughts please...i could really use some of your positive thinking....

now...back to endlessly bugging the usps with incessant phone calls....

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