Monday, December 5, 2011

those a-ha moments.

today at the club, i went from hanging out with a teen while she tweeted her thoughts to kim kardashian, justin beiber and exploring google maps, which led to me showing a roomful of teens google's driverless cars.

little did i know the amazement that filled the room. suddenly i had a group of teens surrounding the computer while we watched the ted talk on the subject matter. it was this grand "a-ha" moment shared amongst a group of the kids where they were able to see the potential of technology. it led to them asking me how this man came up with this idea and how he was able to get his ideas turned into a reality.

it was quite magnificent to see their faces light up at the world of possibilities and also to help them realize that the future of technology lies with them and their ideas. we then looked at a number of other ted topics and their fascination was clear.

don't worry, we ended this high note...on an even higher note...on repeat:

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