Tuesday, March 6, 2012

holi. holi. holi.

saturday we attended the holi festival of colors. compared to the utah celebration (which is the largest in the western hemisphere) it was tiny, but for the same reason i enjoyed it that much more. it was just a small community celebration at a local park, where indian music was played throughout the day and upon entering the park no one hesitated to greet you by wiping color on your face while saying, "happy holi." i danced bollywood style for hours on end, which has been overdue since gold's wedding. i felt at home, and  temporarily a part of this community. the happiness was infectious and you couldn't help but join in throwing colors on people of all ages. thanks texas. you've done it again. 

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Los Schoenys said...

I hope to go this weekend. WIsh you were here to celebrate with me!!! Love and miss you dearly!!