Tuesday, April 3, 2012


today i was unprepared to lose the feeling of my mouth, tongue and nose until 1:30 pm, which came as a result of the three novocain shots i received at the dentist this morning. 

today i was unprepared to sit in a stairwell in my office building for 90 minutes, while about a dozen tornadoes haunted the dfw-area, with two touching within blocks of my office.

today i was especially unprepared as i was strolling through the mall on my way to pick up my daily dose of froyo, when as i passed a gent, he said to me, "hey beautiful." in fact, i was so unprepared for that i was afraid to turn my head to acknowledge him, as the last thing i anticipated was for him to be so normal looking. surprise. i was also unprepared for that.

today/right now/tomorrow i am, apparently, unprepared to sleep. although, i wish i was. 

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Wren/Karen said...

I'm glad you made it through the tornado scare safely. Sounds like too close of a call for the comfort of those who adore you.
Also, that every person you walk past on the street doesn't yell out "hey beautiful", is a gross injustice.