Thursday, May 24, 2012


this past sunday's church potluck had a 13x9 theme. there has been a large influx of people in my ward (congregation) over the past few weeks, so the goal was the maximize the amount of food in ratio to those likely to bring food and those who would attend. i had tons of left over candy from my goodbye party (thanks again dad and jill!), so i brought a 13x9 dish of my specialty, candy casserole:

believe it or not each layer was intricately thought out. color-coordinated jelly bean layers topped with gobstoppers and drizzled with gum drops. and surprisingly, it was a hit, with half of it being eaten in just a short time.

also, don't forget to add/follow/visit my new website for peru, so that you can learn about everything that i am currently and will experience while in the peace corps!

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