Friday, May 25, 2012

nailed it.

if you know me at all, you are more than familiar with my love (some would call it an unhealthy obsession) with nail polish and creatively expressing myself through my nails. i follow multiple diy nail blogs, and often try my hand at their creations. typically it results in my nails being a mess, however i found one on diy newspaper nails and it was a success. and i can guarantee you that the next time you see me over the next few days, i will show off my nails to you.


Los Schoenys said...

i've seen this and always wanted to try but never knew if it worked or not. your nails look fab, though. good to know it's tried and tested! oh and a late congrats on peru. you are such an amazing and inspirational person. i've always, ALWAYS admired you. love you dearly.

Brianna Dance said...

Terrific...absolutely brilliant! They look great Erin!