Friday, July 10, 2009

A Night at the Symphony...

...with Final Fantasy! It really was as magical as it sounds.

Other highlights of yesterday include:
  • spending time at BGCA.
  • reading the Stinky Cheese Man to the kids...and saying, "I am the Stinky Cheese Man!!!" in unison. It kind of reminded me of Kindergarton cop.
  • Imri picking me up in his new car, and driving with the windows down sharing funny stories.
  • Seeing the Gee family downtown.
  • Enjoying beautiful music from a video game I have never played performed by the Seattle Symphony.
  • Seeing Imri's face light up everytime a song from Final Fantasy VIII was performed.
  • Crawling underneath my covers in my new room, and sleeping a pleasent slumber.

1 comment:

Angela said...

hai. so i LOVE final fantasy (go figure. i'm asian). and i love you.
miss you