Thursday, August 20, 2009

hey there mr. postman.

you have delighted me all week with treats:
  • my first "real simple" magazine subscription delivery (a one year subscription was on sale at amazon for only $5! what a deal!)
  • my glasses from hong kong, which ended up being too big and have caused me to look like a cartoon character all week (at least it has been a hit with the kids)
  • ever so delightful duct taped letters
  • my mom FINALLY sending me my own, original pair of glasses
  • an invite to my grandmother's friend's housewarming party!
  • and finally, last, but not least, these arrived (drumroll please...):
aren't they beautiful??!!! i forgot how wonderful these boots really are. i have be anxiously awaiting these beauts for the last 3 weeks, and oh brother, was it ever worth the wait. in case you are wondering, i have been wearing them all evening, and will be wearing them tomorrow as well...and yes, that includes work.

1 comment:

Jendar said...

can you post a picture of your new glasses?