Monday, August 17, 2009

Please stay Kay.

It is going to be quite the year in Texas politics. I wish I was still registered to vote in that great state, so I could place my vote in the gubernatorial primary for her. She was my Senator for a number of years, and listened to my whining about my qualms with China and Tibet, and I think it's time Texans welcomed her back. Let her show Rick Perry the door.

Learn more about her and her campaign here.

PS...I don't like getting political on here, but really, this is such an exciting election for all Texans, and I am sad that I can't take a more active role.

PPS...I am really hoping my cowgirl boots arrive soon...


Hans said...

does her banner say "because texas do better"?

Goode said...

Sign the petition to ask Kay Bailey Hutchison to stay in Washington. She's a fine senator and Texas has a fine governor. Tell her to stay and complete her job until 2012,