Monday, January 18, 2010


i'm abstaining from seeing avatar for two main reasons:

1. i refuse to see a film that degrades the purpose of film, which is to tell a story. if i wanted to see a less-than mediocre story with awesome technology then i would start playing video games.
2. seriously, i do not need to see sigourney weaver save the planet earth for the ummteenth time. but really guys, has she ever been in a movie (besides ghostbusters) where it actually takes place on earth?

now, go ahead, judge me, but you are not going to change my mind on this one. avatar = most overrated film of all time. thank you and good night.


M is for... said...

I really really hated it.

wendy said...

ok erin, i know i won't change your mind, but i avoided seeing it till last week (i'm talking actively avoided it) but i actually liked it. me! a hardcore cynic! it's emotional and in short order, you lose the silliness of the tech and bad writing. honestly. chad and i really liked it. it made me realize that the residual annoyance about environmentalism that has lingered since my childhood is retarded.