Thursday, January 21, 2010

the tacoma aroma.

tonight, i joined some friends as they voyaged down to tacoma for their "third thursday" art walk. i finally got to attend the chihuly glass art museum, and thank goodness it was free, because the bridge leading to the museum was much better than the interior. anyways, i ended up spending my evening in the kids studio making this hat:

don't worry, i am pretty sure that i was the oldest person in the room making a hat. i was also later stopped by a pair of elderly women who loved my hat. in fact, one of them stated that she had recently purchased fabric made with the same pattern and coloring as my hat. it was just another testament of how i really am an 80-year-old.

p.s. never go to a mexican food restaurant with bottomless chips and salsa when you are starving.

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