Thursday, February 4, 2010


the following thoughts have little or nothing to do with one another:
  • the other night i was so exhausted after an exciting night out, that when i plopped myself onto my bed to take off my shoes, i never moved again...or at least for the rest of the night...that's right folks, i pulled the ol' switcheroo and slept with my clothes on. when was the last time you did this? i have been trying to figure it out for me...but i can't recall recently being THAT exhausted...but for the record, it was a great night sleep. although, i did wake up equally confused the next morning.
  • i've recently come to the realization that most people still have their tonsils. i know, it's a silly thought to have, but you must understand, up until about a few weeks ago, i thought everyone had their tonsils removed. additionally, i thought everyone had them removed when they were 3-years-old, like me. imagine my shock and awe when i was the only one at the dinner table without the buggers.
  • guess what. i'm doing a few music reviews. i just finished my first one. i have a great friend in utah, who's letting me expand my writing portfolio with the trade-off of listening to great music. i don't think there is any downside to this situation. awesome! 
  • okay, now go read it here.

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