Wednesday, February 24, 2010

burn. baby. burn.

here's my gchat conversation with my roommate this morning:

me: lost just blew my mind
       i love love love love love that show

emily: nice
           i'm glad. it's intense, but really well done for sure

me:  yeah!
        that is the reason why it's sosososo good
        because it is so well done
        but their CGI is terrible
        but that's okay...the story is still awesome

emily: hahaha
           they can't do EVERYTHING

me: true.
       i would rather have the CGI lack than the storyline...
       ...unlike AVATAR!!!!!!
       yeah, i just went there.

emily: oh yeeeaaaahhhh

me: buuuuurrrrnnnnn.

but really. avatar, consider yourself burned.

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