Thursday, December 16, 2010

a muppet story.

there i was. on the 358. riding it into the city for work. reading my muppet comic book. a well-dressed woman took a seat beside me and exclaimed, "is that a muppet comic book?!?!? i LOVE the muppets!!!"

i excitedly told her it was and that i love the muppets as well. we then enetered into geekdom territory and discussed lots of muppet topics, followed by a more thorough discussion on sunday paper comics. she then asked if we could share my book and read the comics together. i obliged. maybe i should have seen this as a red flag, but really it made my day. i loved that someone loved the muppets as much as i do and they wanted to share my book. YES PLEASE...and on the bus no less...

even though i plant to change the history of this story, because the conversation continued and took a distasteful course that left me downtrodden post her departure, i would still share my book again with someone...even her...wakawakawaka.

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