Friday, December 10, 2010

that kind of person.

i am that kind of person that blogs when she has t-minus 95 minutes until she takes the gre.

i am that kind of person who drives into puddles to see how big of a splash i can make...but only if people are not there...promise...


Los Schoenys said...

Oh girl! Best of luck! Hope all went well!!!!

Rachel. said...

this made me laugh. because I am the kind of person who studies frantically for the gre up to the last minute. and have my mom who is visiting from utah drive me, just to get more studying in. even though I've been studying straight for two months. yuck. I am so glad that test is over, for both of us.

concerning the second one, I am the kind of person who still jumps in puddles, even when she is no longer a little girl, but 26. bless rainboots, forever.