Wednesday, February 9, 2011


i began doing a series of brain teasers the other day at the club, while i had that kiddos coloring away. i ended up completing the entire 60+ series within the hour with the exception of four problems.

now, this is when i finally hunker down...two days later...and ask for your help. please for the sake of me and my sanity solve these brain teasers for me, and share your answers!!!




4. 123456789

hugs and kisses for the winner!!!!

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Daily Morning Coffee said...

Wow!!! Interesting. I can guess he answers. The answers are:
1)Men without employment.
2)Water (H2O).
3)Noel (No L).
4)Count on us.

Enjoyed trying these. I can suggest you another site with brain storming brain teasers. I have tried it and believe me if you are a brain teasers lover who loves to solve brain teasers then try solving out these Brainteasers and find out how smart you are.

Best of Luck!!!