Wednesday, February 16, 2011

judgement day.

***spoiler alert***spoiler alert***spoiler alert***

as a prelude to the following events, i want to clarify that i blame  finishing my book today, and not having time to pick up my new book from the library on what transpired this evening.

now that i have given a reasonable defense, let me just simply state i have gone against anything and everything i know to be right in the world: i watched american idol this evening. 

"why?," you might ask...well, again i would ask you to go back and read the first paragraph. but really, i am still asking myself the same question. i have never had a desire to watch the show. in fact, i despise it's existence. and between you and me, i, subconsciously (or not), cast judgement upon you if you regularly converse or even watch it. so the fact that i sat through the ENTIRE two-hour episode is beyond me. 

actually, i can tell you why. it's because i have a soft spot for this guy:

after passing through the channel at the exact moment he was being booted from his first group, i found myself hooked. i had a deep desire to want to see him succeed, even if it meant watching the rest of the episode. i laughed with him. i cried with him. i am his biggest fan.

now, do i plan on watching anymore episodes? no. in fact, in my head i have already decided that he is the winner. and honestly, i cannot stand to look at those empty vitamin water cups anymore...such a waste on bendy-straws...

moral of the story: i'm a belieber in jacee badeaux.

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