Saturday, March 12, 2011

this is fact. not fiction.

  1. i have a love/hate relationship with pizza. i began today with a love and now i only have hate. this will last for another 6 months, when i will more than likely suddenly fall back in love with it again.
  2. not having health/dental insurance is one of the best things that has happened to my body. i finally grew up and started flossing. i exercise and work on ridding the toxins in my body more so than ever before. 
  3. even though i will be there in a month, i still really miss texas. after watching a movie placed in texas, i cried as i also longly watched the sunset on the hill country.
  4. i have been vegetarian for a month and a half...but i will more than likely be omnivorous in less time than i have been meat-free. 
  5. i put on nail polish just to peel the paint off of my nails.
  6. the medical check facility for the military hung up on me the other day. "why?" you may ask. because they wanted to order some they put it..."you know, you have to have your priorities straight." 
  7. i was bullied by the 8-year-old girl that i was nannying yesterday. in my defense, she is taller than me.
  8. i loathe doing my laundry.
  9. i genuinely think that jeff bridges and i could be great friends. i want him to be my mentor. i really dream of meeting him someday.
  10. i can't wait to see mt. rushmore. no matter what anyone says...imri...
ps. i may be headed to central or south america for the peace soon as july/august. zoinks!

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