Friday, February 17, 2012


last night christine and i participated in the zombie race, which was essentially the amazing race meets the zombie apocalypse. we were given clues to places all throughout downtown dallas, and as we raced from one location to the next, we also had be on the lookout for zombies that were located throughout the city to chase us. needless to say, it was kind of like being in a real horror film.

suddenly, even the guy walking his small dog could even be suspect...even his cute puppy. at each location, we had to solve a challenge in order to get the clue for the next one. it was a delight. it also included us dashing in and out of medians/intersections in order to escape the grapples of the zombies, which i would like to note were mainly ladies from the roller derby league...on skates... unfortunately, christine did not survive the evening, as she was infected and i narrowly survived with the thanks to a few fellow contestants and my cat-like reflexes.

glad to see they were prepared.

all of the racers waiting to begin the race. we had to wear glow necklaces so the zombies knew who to attack.

christine was delighted that we made it to our first checkpoint...only a near 2 mile jaunt. nbd.

in order to receive our clue, we had to complete a physical challenge...which proved to be more of a challenge for some more than others.

at the double wide. in order to receive our second clue, we had to take a picture on the toilet bench. classy!

a zombie waiting for us to try to make a narrow escape from double wide. unfortunately, christine did not make it out alive. 

my favorite challenge. shadow dancing on the stage. why do i not do this more often?

upon completion, we were greeted by organizers in hazmat suits ready to scan us for infection. christine and i had to go to separate lines since she was infected. 

and she was that even a thing?

 survivor + zombie = making the impossible possible

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Los Schoenys said...

SOOO jealous!! looks like a blast!! i'm wanting to do a zombie run so bad!! but apparently Utah doesn't believe in zombies??? cuz i swear every other state is doing a zombie run except here. lame.