Thursday, February 9, 2012

record setting.

werewolf bowl-mitzvah celebrated its half-season mark by dining on pizookies (which i may or may not have been craving for the last it may or may not have been my dream coming true...nbd...).


we decided that it would be best for the four of us to share the party platter (which is the equivalent in size as a large pizza). and without ten minutes having gone by, the party turned into this:

even our server was impressed. or frightened, (that's yet to be determined) but i like to think it was the former. in fact, i am pretty sure he said, "wow, the only time i see that happen that quickly is with large groups..." and as he walked away he said under his breath, "ohhhh wooooowwwww...."

no shame. werewolf bowl-mitzvah can PACK. IT.


Andrea said...

he was just jealous he wasnt invited to join the party.

Catherine Johnson said...

Yum! Did you save some for me?

Los Schoenys said...

I am indeed impressed...and jealous