Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2 keys lost 2 days left.

so yesterday i had quite the scare. i couldn't find my store keys for the entire evening. i have a tendency to place things in various places, which breaches from my normal habit, when i get stressed, and then i can't find them. i spent the entire evening looking for them, finally when i gave up and decided that i would just wait until this morning and i would go to sleep, i found them. hidden in my bed. i am still frazzled and do not know how this could be as i had stripped my bed of all of its blankets and pillows earlier when i was searching for the keys, but alas, i am grateful they were there.

then this morning i left my car keys in the waiting room chair at the dentist's office and left my wallet in the car at the local drug store. i think this just means that i am stressed and NEED at vacation. this is something that i no longer want but NEED. i only have 2 more days until i will be eating my in flight peanuts and sipping on my ginger ale on the way to seattle!

in other news, i now accept my passage into adulthood when you have employees trusting you with information that is way beyond my comprehension of what i could deal with in life. i have had a couple of incidences over the past few days where people have told me, "i don't know why i am sharing this with you, but i just saw you and i knew that i could trust you." this is both in and out of work. i feel blessed and humbled. i truly love those around me. now its time to love seattle. 2 days!

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