Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back and Ready for More

Seattle. Vacation. Amazing.

So, for a while now, I have been trying to figure out what is going to be next for me. I have had numerous opportunities open up for me, and I have been toying with a number of them, but for the first time, I feel really right about this one. I am headed to Seattle. Only one thing stands between me and that beautiful city, a job. Know of one? If so, let me know, because I am so ready for this jelly.

Other than that, I have been basking in the sun when its around. Monday was spent on my bike. All day. This explains why my arms are burnt.

Now my life consists of work, sending out my resume and cleaning. I am having visitors tomorrow night, which will be nice. My house is slowly becoming a hotel for traveling bands, but I am more than okay with that. I like to to hear about their adventures.

In the mean time I am overly excited for this:

I am now counting down the days that I can buy tickets for this show. EEK!

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