Thursday, August 28, 2008

Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast

Last night I went out with a few bloaks from the hostel. I was informed of a law that congress passed in 2003 and wasted my tax money on and that the rest of the world was mocking our nation for: Freedom Fries. In order to honor the fearless leaders of my nation, I intend to throw a freedom party with Freedom sparkling water, Freedom toast and, of course, freedom fries. Mark the date ladies and gents!

Additionally I, an American, am a minority in my nation's capitol. There. I said it. There are more international tourists here than those from our own country. It kind of astonished me at first, but now I am glad. Its been quite refreshing.

Today was spent nerdily attending EVERY Smithsonian Museum available for viewing. And yes, I did spend about 2 hours bewildered over our Bill of Rights and Constitution at the Archives today. I loved every second of it too. I made a new friend from Austria today as we tried to cross a major freeway today while getting lost in reaching the Jefferson Memorial. I had the opportunity to actually expand on some of Jefferson's beliefs with him and help him in understanding his writings.

I saw politics and politicians in their true colors today. What D.C. experience would be complete without seeing an older gent, shorter, overweight and blading, escorting a very young, if not close to underage, Asian girl who was scantily clad? Mine is now complete. Thank you politics for making those Lifetime movies that make wifes doubt their husbands come to life.

Overall it has been an impressive city, but I think most of all, I have enjoyed meeting the people around here. I am starting to get a bit exhausted though, seeing all the sites. Trying to understand people. Getting yelled at by guards. Seriously. One big dream sequence. This trip has been a blast, plus so much more! One day left and still so much to do and see...

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