Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The only place where there are 3 Firsts.

Seriously. We walked by 3 streets consecutively today, and all were named "First." Needless to say I got to go to my first Grayhound Station today, my friend is bussing to New York tomorrow and needed a ticket.

In the mean time I have seen the Mecca of all George Washington paintings as well as became the biggest nerd at the National Portrait Gallery. I also got to queue up my flight knowledge at the National Air and Space Museum. Arlington Cemetary was beatiful, but I never want to be burried there. I found out that you cannot even take pictures of the outside of the Pentagon.

Lastly I leave you with these last words of wisdom from our nation's capitol: You think with all this money they take out of my pay checks they could at least have green grass when I visit. Seriously though, all the grass is dead around here. I hate walking on it because I just hear a crunching sound beneath my feet. Needless to say, I would like everyone to write their Senators and ask them nicely to please water the grass out here.

Oh, and maybe turn the water fountains back on. They keep taunting me with all these water fountains around here, and none of them work. I have decided that they have conspired with the vendors out here. They have raised their lease, but in turn have provided them with more customers because they turned all of their drinking fountains off. Thanks George W.

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