Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Shootin' Deers & Drinkin' Beers! That's the Way I Roll!"

Thank you sir, for wearing that shirt today.  There are so many things wrong in that saying that it makes me jump for joy with excitement, and yet again, proud to be a Texan.

Today was started off with the Fleet Foxes.  I saw them back at Capitol Hill Block Party, and they were still very impressive.  Then it was off to Jose Gonzalez. AMAZING. Then to CSS. They were a lot of fun and exactly what I expected.

After CSS, my brother and I got down to our roots and attended Robert Early Keen, followed by Erykah Badu.  Then we caught a bit of MGMT.  

The highlight of the day was John Fogerty.  He stole my heart.  He covered all of the classic CCR and then some.  I could have watched him for the rest of the night.

Iron and Wine followed John, and I have to say I think that they were one of my big disappointments.  There was a whole band on stage and it sounded like easy-jazz.  The last song was played only on an acoustic and almost made up for the rest of the set....but I remember just being ready for him to be done...and also wishing the lines for the toilet were faster.

To close the evening, Beck performed.  BECK.  So good.  I had told my brother that I had hoped that he was just going to play his hits for the whole set, and my wishes were granted!!! Thank you Beck, for putting on a fantastic show.

On another note, I find it quite ironic that WaMu (R.I.P.) is a major sponsor of this event.  Or should I saw JP Morgan is? They have a stage, a photo booth and a lot of freebies.  Had Alanis Morrisette written the song "Ironic" in 2008, I am sure this would have made the cut for song lyrics.  

Tomorrow is swim day before the festival.  I can't wait.

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