Monday, October 6, 2008

moon boots and sweats

this is what i was wearing today. in my defense, i am sick. i went downtown to get my license, trying to be productive with my day off. who knew what adventures would occur while i was wearing this attire:

1) i made two new friends at the DMV. i decided that if you look at me skeptically while i am wearing moon boots...then you obviously are just begging for me to talk to you.
2) while i was at the DMV nicole and i decided it would be smart for a last minute trip to portland and to see sigur ros...which means i walked all over downtown seattle to meet a man to buy tickets from.
3) i made a quick stop for cash from bartell drugs. i got hit on numerous homeless men. hot.
4) while waiting to cross the street, the most handsome man stands next to me. the whole time i was regretting my attire. i look over and we make eye contact...and i self-conciously smile. he looks me up and down...making note of the sweats and moon boots...and he says its raining...and i say yup...i wasn't planning on running around in it or in what i was wearing. he says i look nice. yeah right...but thanks handsome man. i wish i hadn't gone inside that building just then...
5) i meet the guy to buy tickets from...and we both laugh at how ridiculous i look.

needless to say...seattle is starting to become more like starting to find myself in those really ridiculous situations taking pictures of people's butts.

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Rachel. said...

I love that handsome man.