Friday, February 6, 2009

These are my confessions...

And no, I don't have a baby on the way. And most assuredly this post is not about Usher. I just wanted to say thank you to James Brown, The Brothers Johnson, Shaka Kahn and any other funk artist that is featured on both discs of the Funk Gold Compilation. You all made work day breeze by and I don't think any other genre could give building fuel cells any sex appeal. Leave it to funk to make even taking out the trash looking good. THANK YOU.

Lastly, sometimes I just really enjoy listening to some good ol' Dashboard Confessional. It reminds me of my teenage angst of 10th grade...getting a license and then getting into an accident. Thank you Dashboard for touring with The Get Up Kids, and making it the best concert I wasn't allowed to go to. It reminds me of the summer that I helped my high school drama teacher pack up her belongings. It reminds of asking this CD for Christmas, and listening to it over and over again, and having to move to Austin and etching the melodious lyrics onto my notebooks. Reminds me of the beginnings of my first boyfriend and my high school love. Thank you Dashboard for giving me this album. I didn't like any other album you put out, and I didn't really enjoy Further Seems Forever when you were their front man. I just liked you. By yourself. Wailing into my impressionable ear. 

For the record, other CD's I received that Christmas:
The Polyphonic Spree - "Beginning Stages..." This was the legit EP. It came in this cardboard case with just a sticker. Little did I know how big this band would become, and how they would rock one of the best shows I have ever been to. Hands down. 7 years was worth the wait. 
Chomsky - "A Few Possible Selections for the Soundtrack of Your Life" For some reason I listen to the album on repeat anytime I am moving. I'm not sure why. So if you ever help me pack, you will be listening to this album. Rumor has it that this Denton band has reunited.
Lucy Loves Schroeder - Lucy is a band
The Paper Chase - Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know
Ultimate Fakebook - Electronic Kissing Parties

And just in case your interested, I have a friendster account. Since high school. Look me up. I don't think I've signed in since HS, so you might find a few gems.

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Lesshalynn said...

the best of george clinton live. try it. so good.