Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Simple Things

It's always the simple occurrences and things that make me feel the happiest throughout the day.

Despite the fact that my day is slowly ticking away, there have been a few occurrences that have helped this beautiful, sunny day in Seattle move along:

1) This morning, as I was beginning my commute, I was stopped at a light turning left. To my left, there was a giant USPS truck stopped in the other direction. I found myself wondering about all the delightful packages that were inside of the truck, waiting to be opened by those who have completly converted to online shopping. I looked at the driver, and he looked like a lightly bearded, older version of Samuel L. Jackson. He even had the little hat he always wears. He wore thick glasses that a man of his age would typically be adorning, and he bobbed his head to the beat. I imagined what music he was listening to...probably some kind of funk. Then when I finished my daze, I realized that he was staring straight at me, and neither of us looked away. It was probably 30 seconds of staring. Normally this would be uncomfortable, but for some reason we were both naively curious about one another.

2) I went for a walk today during my lunch break. There is a trail behind my office that I followed, which led me to a giant pond. This pond houses ducks galore, as well as some beautiful black birds with red tips. I passed by a crane. It didn't budge and I was so excited because it was my first time to see a bird sleeping...I mean, legitimately sleeping! I passed by a man in a yellow jacket walking with a bag that appeared to contain left overs, and when he saw the crane, he tried to bring my attention to it. At this point, I had turned around and was headed back to the office, so I was about to pass the crane for a second time. He raised his arm high in the air, to ensure that I saw it, and delightfully pointed to the motionless bird. As I passed by a second time, I stopped to take a picture, but when I took one step closer on the path, it's pupil became dilated and then back to normal within milliseconds, and flew away. I woke it up! How cool is that? Okay, maybe not cool to anyone else but me. How many people have actually seen a bird wake up before? Not me...until today that is!

3) Finishing my walk around the pond, I passed by the man in the yellow jacket again, and to my surprise, he had delicately broken bits of bread for him to feed the ducks during his lunch break. I thought about how nice that would be, and the innocent excitement of feeding animals.

4) I saw a balloon wrapped at the top of a tree, and in my head, I imagined what it would be like to see it get stuck, try to escape the wrath of the tree and finally succumbing to the branches. After getting punctured by a branch, watching the air slowly release from the balloon. I think I would really enjoy a movie involving this.

5) A coworker brought in a coffee cake for us to all enjoy. It's called, "Colossal Marionberry Coffee Cake." I just really enjoyed the fact that it had the word "colossal" in it's title, because, let's be serious, how often do actually see something that is really colossal, and if so, when do we use the word "colossal" to describe it? Not enough, I tell you. Not enough.

Unfortunately it is still only 1 pm. I keep hoping that every time I look at my clock that it will be 4 pm. Please?

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Lesshalynn said...

i love you and the fact that you love moments like these.

let's get some together, really soon, yeah?