Wednesday, November 18, 2009

faux pas?

aren't they just in the eye of the beholder? let's hope so.

in college i fell in love the basic editions boat shoes found at k-mart. i wore them year round for my last two years of college, including the winter. the problem is that they are not very good insulators, so i wore socks. not just any socks, i might add. i was wearing green, white and red striped socks that i bought in bulk for only 7 cents a pair.

now, you would think this is a fashion statement i would grow out of, and grant it, i do only wear the boat shoes during the summer time now, but today, i found myself sitting my zurk tennis shoes, with those so same socks being shown to all the world.

fashion faux pas? possibly to the rest of the world. but for me, this is fashion at its finest. now, i am just waiting for everyone else to jump on this band wagon.

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