Friday, November 13, 2009

to DI for.

i bought these shoes for $2.50 at DI last spring. they are up there with some of my favorite shoes. they maintain the trendy victorian style, but have the comfort of 80's cushioning the soles of my feet. i'm pretty sure, like most other things i own, these will never go out of style in my eyes.

a few other notes:

i am going with mr. patrick tonight to see the pixies. !!! my fourteen-year-old self things i am so cool right now.

sometimes i think of worse case scenarios, and the idea of them actually occurring makes me laugh. i wonder if i would laugh in real life too?

i completed my first of three jigsaw puzzles also purchased at aforementioned di. and guess what...not a single piece was missing...take that haters.

and most importantly, my roommate returns tomorrow!!! woo!

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